Price Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Design for Price family in Lexington, KYDerek & Susan Price

Lexington, KY

October 3, 2009 was the biggest day of my life. Everything had to be perfect. For my own wedding invitation design, I wanted to create a piece that weaved together both 2009 design trends and classic design elements. My wife-to-be had her own in-house graphic designer! What could be better? Nothing is more special to me than her. Therefore, I had to reflect that here. This large matte cardstock piece folded open to reveal the details of our special day.

Wedding invitation design in Kentucky

I combined a photo from our engagement session with some vintage styled revelry. It all gives this card’s outside a high end feel. Our wedding colors of deep red and warm grey come together in a shiny, striking color combination. Stars were also a theme of our ceremony. We incorporated many of them in the decorations we placed in the church sanctuary. When designing our invitations, I made sure that they burst forth around the circular frame, which displayed our sepia toned photo. The Avant Garde sans serif font combined with the classic Clarendon bold serif font. The “P” emblem throughout the design also uses Clarendon.

I set the inside of the card in simple black and white. I placed another engagement photo in the background, feathered and faded. This helps the information about our ceremony stand out for our guests. The aforementioned “P” emblem with stars and flourishes also floats over some additional engagement photographs. I cropped these images and added strokes and inner shadows. This way, they look like vintage pictures. How about that for a classic touch?

All of our guests loved the look of the finished piece, giving us a lot of great feedback on them. Best of all, many guests still have them in their homes as mementos of the celebration of our love.

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