Analog Apostles Tour Poster

Analog Apostles Tour Poster Design

Analog Apostles

Lexington, KY

This 11×17″ tour poster design commemorates the release of alternative rock band Analog Apostles‘ debut independent EP. At the time, I was playing lead guitar in this Kentucky based band. The Apostles were truly a DIY act since day one. We self produced and released both of our EPs in 2013 and 2014. Since I joined the band, I took over the band’s graphic design. I revamped the band’s website, as well as designing merchandise, web graphics, and flyers such as this one.

Tour poster design story

We used this tour poster to promote our touring gigs, mailing it to promoters and other artists outside of Lexington. It helped to have one uniform design that we could use for gigs that we were either headlining or were the only act performing. It saved a lot of time and work for me not to have to design a unique poster for each event. The design returns to the nautical theme I had used for our debut CD “The Other Side of the Sea”. I had always wanted to use the “big heads and people on the horizon” trope popular in movie posters. Since I had total creative freedom with this one, I jumped at the chance to use our posed band photo floating in the sky. Our CD cover and information on where people could hear the record were superimposed over the shimmering ocean scene. Finally, I left some white space at the bottom of the poster art. This was so clubs we were playing at could write the details about each performance, such as the date and other artists performing on the bill. The final result of this art is a rock n’ roll band on an epic high seas adventure.

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