Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure Logo

Rock climbing logo design for Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Campton, KY

I created this rock climbing logo design for Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure (now Southeast Mountain Guides), which is located in the Red River Gorge region of Kentucky. They host hiking tours for experienced rock climbers and rappellers. Boy Scout troops who seek to earn their merit badges also patronize their courses. As such, they needed a nature themed logo that summed up everything they represented.

Rock climbing logo design story

First, the owner provided detailed sketches of what she wanted for the logo. These drawings depicted a Boy Scout merit badge style that was also similar to the mark of Bowling Green, KY’s Camping World. A passing resemblance to this famous image from the same genre was a good place to start. After examining the initial drawings, I went to work in Adobe Illustrator to bring them to life. The badge shape combines both rounded and hard edged corners with strong black borders. Because of the light brown and green Earth tones throughout, I set the bold sans serif text in red, stroked and shadowed in black. This makes “Torrent Falls” pop off the banner in the middle. “Climbing Adventure” is surrounded inset by a striped border that simulates a rope. Last, I crowned the other elements with a simplified mountain scene with fluffy clouds and a rolling waterfall.
Company employees wearing shirts with a variation of the logo.

Company employees wearing shirts with a variation of the logo.

Finally, I made a few variations of the logo for souvenir t-shirt designs for different courses the group offers. The company also used the mark on stickers, patches, signage, and their website.

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