Bad Apple Records Tenth Anniversary T-Shirts

Bad Apple Records 10th Anniversary T-shirts

Bad Apple Records

Bowling Green, KY

Record label shirt design is always fun, but these two arts were very special to me. Bad Apple Records printed these shirts to commemorated the tenth anniversary of this seminal independent music label. I have been involved with the label in different capacities since its inception, so it was a no brainer for me to design these shirts. Bad Apple has released records in several genres, including efforts from my previous bands Stellar Kin and Redfoot.

Record label shirt design story

Both shirts feature variations on the Bad Apple logo that I designed back in 2002. First, the burgundy t-shirt with yellow gold ink uses the complete “grunge” variation of the logo. This was easy to design. All I had to do was recolor and resize my original mark to stretch all the way across the chest.

Next, the navy blue shirt features a parody of the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe insignia. The circular image features a white background. I recreated the stitching pattern reaching all the way around the edge. Then, I typed out “Bad Apple Records” in a Courier style font in red, mimicking the original design. I set “Since 2001” in a handwriting style script.

Finally, I placed the full apple core in the center in place of the star from Converse’s original design. All of the blue design elements are actually reversed out of the white circle, as is the grunge weathering. This way, I was able to keep the number of screen printed colors down to two.

The label sold a ton of these shirts, and their tenth anniversary show was also a huge success.

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