Chip Magician Rack Card

Chip Magician Rack Card graphic designChip Magician

Lexington, KY

A great rack card graphic design makes a huge difference for a company’s bottom line. When customers walk in and see bright, professional art displayed in a prominent spot, sales go up. Regular client Chip Magician requested a 9×4″ rack card to promote their auto body repair franchise. This makes the perfect companion piece to the matching business cards I designed for each of the staff members.

Rack card graphic design story

Chip Magician owner Chris Curtis requested a high tech, flashy design that illustrated his services and pricing in a diagram chart. The “Body Shop Alternative” alternative offers cutting edge services such as paintless dent removal. What better vehicle to showcase against the bright red background than a champagne colored luxury SUV?

From polishing and buffing the body, to repairing alloy wheels, Chip Magician does it all. Each service listed in the diagram points to the part of the vehicle that it refers to and includes pricing information over a black burst seal shape. The title text “Services Menu” displays in a futuristic chrome font, with a strong black stroke outlining it.

Chip Magician Printed Rack Card (back)

The back side of the card also has a bright red background, with the addition of an embossed honeycomb pattern. I added a “cutout” honeycomb shape, which functions as white space for the staff to write messages to customers. This serves to personalize the thank you message that is already included.

Finally, the signature company Scion punctuates the design, bursting forth from a black seal, carried over from the front side design. A big, bold “thank you!” then accompanies it in chrome to drive the message home, so to speak.

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