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Web design has been one of my specialties since I started back in 1999. I create responsive, image rich brochure style sites for small businesses in Kentucky and nationwide. I also devise more complex business solutions which showcase a variety of products and services. All of the sites I design are very easy for a layperson to update. No coding knowledge is required!

Are you looking for a website redesign that is both complete and comprehensive? Perhaps you need an experienced webmaster that will keep your site up to date, as well as optimized. Whether you need a basic design, a few small updates, or even some SEO content writing help, I am your man.

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Abreu Brand ecommerce website designAbreu Brand

Versailles, KY

My longtime web client Sara Drury referred me to a young lady with an extraordinary story. Jessica Abreu grew up in a humble village in Brazil. When she migrated to the USA at 19, she had very little money, but a lot of determination. Many years later, she decided to start her own business. She would use skills she learned from her grandparents growing up. Jessica began hand pouring her candles using all natural, pet friendly ingredients. These candles emit scents ideal for meditation. She reached out to me to build an eCommerce website design, so she could sell her unique candles worldwide.

eCommerce website design story

While Jessica waited for pro photos of her products, she funneled their details to me. She provided me the weights and dimensions for each item, so I could input shipping information. She also created the categories that they would fit in. I needed this information in order to organize her new web store. Some of her candles are limited edition, only on sale for 30 days at a time. Other signature items will stay consistently online. I built her site using Woocommerce, allowing her to sell with Paypal. It and also calculates accurate shipping charges via the US Postal Service.

I called on my previous experience managing an eCommerce website design when organizing the site. The clean, minimal layout leaves plenty of room to showcase her products. Jessica’s own personal style shines through. Also, the site is responsive. This makes for easy mobile ordering. The seamless customer experience makes ordering online easy, each and every time. 

Check out the site here!

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Comedian website design for stand-up comic Rich JonesRich Jones

Dayton, OH

It seems like everyone is a comedian on the internet these days. My friend Rich is real life standup comic, though, and a funny one, too! There just aren’t enough of those around, especially Christian comics who don’t use foul language. When Rich contacted me to make his comedian website design, I jumped at the chance.

Comedian website design story

Rich already had an existing website incorporating his wrestling inspired nickname (“The Whole Sh’Bang”) and logo (similar to that of our mutual favorite Bret “Hitman” Hart). It was, however, very limited. Many “drag and drop” template editor sites are. Because of this, I helped Rich add a hosting package to his domain name.  This way, I could redesign it using WordPress, which is my preferred web design platform.

I included the requisite brick wall background many comedians and comedy clubs employ on their sites. However, I made it a more subtle and shadowy dark blue, so the pink and white elements really pop off of the page.

He had a wide selection of photos of himself with famous friends, as well as Youtube performance videos of his clean comedy routine. I sprinkled these throughout the site in order to give visitors an idea of Rich’s personality.

As far as features go, I added a podcast player to a sticky section at the bottom of the site. It features the most recent episode of his show automatically. He also needed a page dedicated to the podcast, which encouraged visitors to subscribe and check out past episodes.

Finally, I added a Paypal store, so Rich can sell his shirts and other merchandise directly. Perhaps most importantly, I also set up an events calendar in order for fans to keep up with Rich’s appearances. Clubs can also book Rich via his secure form.

Think you’re so funny? Let me design your website!

Check out Rich’s website here!

Are you a comedian seeking more bookings and more merch sales? Let me create a new site for you and connect with your fans better than ever before – no joke!  Contact me today!

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Remodling website design for Indiana contractorsMidwest Contracting

Plainfield, IN

My friend Jonny recently took a marketing job at a contracting company. Midwest Contracting desperately needed a new logo and a fresh remodeling website design. Since I have designed sites for several other construction firms before, he called me!

Remodeling website design story

As soon as I finished their new logo design and helped them change their email provider, we were ready to focus on the site. Midwest provided a list of features for me to incorporate. Of course, if you are looking to remodel a room in your home, or build a new house, you need to see examples of the company’s work. The Indiana contractor provided me with a plethora of photos to feature.

Once I had all of the pictures, Jonny and I worked together closely to make sure they fit in their proper categories. Midwest Contracting focuses on five main tasks: remodeling, additions, decks and patios, roofing, and foundations. I created pages for each of these categories, and each one featured a photo gallery of work.

Visitors may click on the thumbnails in each gallery to display them as larger images in a lightbox format. Each image also has a caption below, and users can navigate through the rest of the image with left and right arrows in the lightbox. The thumbnails also display below the main image, so that users can also navigate by clicking them.

Perhaps the most important feature of the remodeling website design is the large “Get a Quote” form. The form displays prominently on each page. It consists of big, bold fonts and fields in order to catch the viewers’ attention.

I set the homepage apart from the rest of the site by employing a large, fixed image in the background. This photo highlights a deck the company built onto a big, beautiful brick home. I darkened the photo just enough, so that the white text would be legible enough.

Check out the site here!

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You Net Results - Business Coaching Website DesignYou Net Results

Houston, TX

My former employer Gary Gunn introduced me to Brian Gillis, a former auto repair shop owner seeking to start a training business. His new company would focus on all aspects of automotive repair, specializing in service advisors working at the front counter. Since Gary trusted me years ago to handle his business coaching website design, I was the ideal candidate to do the same for Brian.

Business Coaching Website Design story

This was a huge project, which was months in the making. While I squared away the nuts and bolts of Brian’s site, he was busy behind the scenes seeking out his initial clientele. Other repair shop owners ran in the same circles with him for years, so he was a trusted figure. We planned out a comprehensive strategy for both the form and function of the site.

This business coaching website hosts both free video clips and members only content. The site is divided into a host of libraries. Each one houses an archive of weekly webinars covering a specific aspect of the automotive repair business. Brian and his clients deep dive into these topics in each webinar. They also meet in person at conferences a few times per year.

Other features of the site include a calendar of upcoming workshops and conferences. I also created a chart comparing the four membership levels for potential customers. The orange menu button is a call to action urging visitors download a free strategy guide and opt into the email list. Finally, I connected all of the secure contact forms on the site to the company’s Mailchimp account. Each one is organized by its own tag. The business coaching website design was complete.

Once I completed the website build, Brian and his team contracted me to keep the site updated. Each week, I edit and upload YNR’s webinars to the site. I also edit and post the free video clips and blog entries, handling SEO duties for each. Check out the site here!

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