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Museum exhibit ad design for NASA display in KentuckyMuhlenberg County Public Library

Greenville, KY

MCPL are regular clients from my hometown. They employ me to design print campaigns for many of their annual events. Their Thistle Cottage location is a historic building that is used for both special events and museum exhibit installations. This month long NASA display featured a replica space suit, meteorite remnants, plus more. Since this project fell into the director’s lap on short notice, I needed to turn this museum exhibit ad design around quickly.

Museum exhibit ad design story

As with many other short order projects, the director gave me creative freedom. She only requested that I include a rocket and/or astronaut in the design. The largest size the library requested for this project was a standard US letter format, which is pictured above. I also laid out small print ads for local newspapers. Facebook formats for an ad and the event page then followed. I laid the letter sized poster out like a magazine cover. The bold headline at the top displays in in the “He’s Dead Jim” font. This creates a feel that is both instantly recognizable and futuristic. Subheadings and details at the bottom display in a bold sans serif font. Since I set the text in pale yellow and orange, it really pops against the bright blue sky background. I faded a photograph of an astronaut floating in front of a space station into the background. Then, I created a colorful badge in front of it. It is similar to those commemorating NASA space flights. The exhibit title “Beyond Earth: Space Exploration” displays over the space shuttle launching from Earth in the shield shape. As always, the finished product went over huge with the library. They dropped it on their social media accounts right away. Finally, the printer received print ad files in plenty of time to promote the event.

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Dining Out for Life full page ad campaign designAVOL

Lexington, KY

I created this ad campaign design for AVOL in Lexington, KY. It is a nonprofit which organizes AIDS volunteers. They loved the trade publication ads I made for them previously. Therefore, they contracted me for their biggest annual event campaign. For one day every September, local restaurants donate 25% of their proceeds to fighting AIDS. The organization needed a few different print sizes. These included an 11×17″ poster size and varying newspaper ad sizes, as well as bookmarks.

Ad campaign design story for AIDS benefit

Ad campaign design in marquee format at CRAVE Festival, Lexington, KYMy local chapter of the AIDS charity gave me creative freedom on this project. They only suggested a retro 1950s diner theme. They also sent a few public domain images to inspire me. These included the vintage waitress illustration I finally chose. I also redesigned their existing event logo with a new one which continued the theme. After my instructions, I poured through old 1950s ads for inspiration. Their futuristic floating shapes and pastel color palettes, as well as the kitschy mixed fonts made the cut.

I arranged these elements to suggest motion and give them a fun feeling overall. I did this by tilting text blocks and highlighting objects with different shades. A pink gradient gives shine to the restaurant and sponsor lists. The ad pieces had many moving parts, from the list of participating restaurants to information about a related art exhibit. I got creative to ensure synergy and legibility from the biggest to smallest versions.

I met the challenge of making the ad art both attractive and easy to read. Also, I crushed the deadline in plenty of time for last minute revisions. My clients raved about the finished product.

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Solar Eclipse Event Poster DesignMuhlenberg County Public Library

Greenville, KY

I created this event poster design for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Longtime clients MCPL were planning a series of events for patrons at their three branches, which were themed around the eclipse. As such, the library commissioned me to make the advertising campaign art. This included this 11×17″ poster, newsprint ads, and table tents.

Since I had created promotional materials in a variety of formats in the past, they asked me to also design frames for Snapchat and Facebook Live. This was a first for me, and I jumped at the chance. These frames go over visitors’ photos when they post about the events on social media.

Solar Eclipse event poster design story

The library gave me carte blanche to make the perfect promotional items for this once in a lifetime happening. I began by selecting the perfect stock image of a solar eclipse, and Photoshopped out the surrounding elements in order to incorporate it into the main title. The Neo Sans font I used is perfect for a futuristic or space themed piece. I styled it in neon glowing colors to complete the feel. I also used the Synchro LET font to add a digital feel to the subtitles. The rest of the headings display in bright blue and orange, popping off the mysterious purple space clouds in the dark background.

Finally, I added some simple icon images of eclipse phases in between information about each activity. The library staff were pleased at the party feel this ad campaign conveyed.

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Hiram Grooming Company 3rd Degree Beard Balm Can Label Design DetailHiram Grooming Co.

Lexington, KY

I created this can label design for my friend Jeremiah’s “3rd Degree” beard balm. He needed both a logo design and packaging design for his new business venture Hiram Grooming Co. Each of his products is all natural, vegan, organic, fair trade, and handmade “to make good men look better”. His can labels required a clean, simple black and white layout with a short turnaround, so naturally he gave me a call.

Can label design story

Printed can label design for 3rd degree beard balm

The finished product – printed labels on cans of 3rd Degree Beard Balm.

Jeremiah had initially sketched up a layout for me in Microsoft Publisher. I redesigned it in Adobe Illustrator with cleaner imagery and upgraded fonts as he had requested. Just as he did with his logo, Jeremiah provided some vintage masonic art to recreate.  The coffin imagery was from an old drawing featured in The Freemason’s Manual. It of course represents mortality, as well as craftsmanship, with the hammer and shovel tools. I cleaned up the image and then redrew it as a vector graphic in Illustrator.

I also redrew another low resolution banner graphic that is often found in traditional masonic imagery. The three tenets of “Strength, Wisdom, Beauty” are a perfect fit for a men’s hair care product. The milgrain border ties all of the elements together with a touch of class. Usually for packaging design work, I tend to stick with just one or two fonts. However, in this case, I used a variety of vintage fonts throughout the label design. I then laid them out in the same style as many Victorian era products and ads. The result is a classic design indicative of a salve that a true renaissance man can appreciate. 

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