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Mascot graphic design - ACCA cartoon monkey art for nonprofitAmerican College Counseling Association

United States – Nationwide

Long time clients the ACCA pitched me a concept for a mascot graphic design. I brainstormed with their President on which animal to use. In the end, we decided to let the group’s members vote. The majority of them decided that it should be a monkey. Fun! This was the first time for me to design a mascot, so I was really looking forward to it.

ACCA members also decided to name him “Ace”. Ace is an average college student. He lives in a dorm, studies, and goes on dates. He sometimes has issues that require counseling as well. I had to create a friendly, relatable image for many different applications.

Mascot Graphic Design Story

First, I hand drew the cuddly primate. I studied several photos of chimpanzees, as well as cartoon animal characters. I then considered typical college students’ fashion and hairstyles. The smiling monkey sports a spiked haircut and soul patch. Ace also wears a heather grey pullover hooded sweatshirt, a staple casual apparel item for students. A monogrammed varsity style “A” drawn in the ACCA’s signature shade of purple adorns the hoodie. There are also a few other elements of note. The monkey’s ears are slightly off balance to add another relatable, flawed quality. He also balances both a book and a half eaten banana. He sits cross legged in order to add further folksy quality. ACCA has immortalized Ace. They have used him on postcards, apparel, and USB drives. I created a few other variations with different facial expressions and in different situations, much like my modifications to my former co-worker’s mascot design for Dogwood Lakes.

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Youth camp logo design for Marked eventsMarked Youth Camp


I made this youth camp logo design for a United Methodist Church sponsored camp based in Illinois.  It was an update of their existing logo, which made use of block lettering and a grunge “splatter” element. The Youth Pastor called me to reimagine it with a more modern look and feel.

Youth Camp Logo Design Story

First, I chose the weighty Rockwell Bold font, which was very popular at this time. A font that strong is impossible to ignore, especially with a high contrast design such as this. Then, I filled the letter “A” in red.  This represents how Christians are set apart (“marked”) for the Lord’s service. Many of my favorite logo designs leave out the bridge in the capital letter A. I felt that this also helps this design stand out in addition to the color variant. The client encouraged me to use some swirling vine elements, but to make sure they were “not too feminine”. This gives the design some flair, but is not too over the top. I added a thick black stroke outline around the elements to give it plenty of weight and contrast. Tilting the logo upward also helps to catch the eye. Gradient and embossing effects on the letter A, as well as the black background, help give it a high end feel. The last elements I included were some subtle grunge cracks around the edges of the text, plus a splatter in the background to give it an edge. Finally, I drafted several variations of the concept for different purposes, such as those in which the grunge elements were not appropriate. This kind of versatility is important to clients who may need to appeal to different audiences for funding, for instance.

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Big Blue Customs Hot Rod Logo Design in Lexington, KYBig Blue Customs

Lexington, KY

Regular client Chris Curtis, owner of the Chip Magician body shop, started taking on more custom work in 2010. Because of this, he decided to launch a new brand around it. I created this hot rod logo design for him based on a pencil sketch he had drawn up by a third party. Chris needed a masculine, powerful image to represent his brand. The end result needed to retain the attitude of the original sketch, while pumping it up with extreme shine.

Hot rod logo design story

First, I started by tackling the color scheme. Here in Lexington, Kentucky everyone bleeds UK Wildcats blue, so I Pantone matched that particular shade for this design’s background. The warped varsity style block lettering in white makes that theme obvious enough. It pairs perfectly with the word “Customs”, appropriately set in a custom font below it. The words are stroked multiple times and shadowed, as is the background. This adds just the right amount of over the top boldness. Behind the words and background, I added an image of a custom chrome wheel. There is no doubt when you see this that the business caters to an audience who is passionate about customizing their cars. I then framed the wheel at the bottom using two tribal ornaments that subtly suggest flames. Throughout the design, I embellished with chrome effects, gradients, shadows, as well as inner and outer strokes to grab the viewer’s attention. Finally, I added in some extra bling to the corners of the word “CUSTOMS” for maximum shine. There you have it – one high end, hot rod logo design!

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Honor Circle consulting logo design for business coach in KentuckyTurnaround Tour

Bowling Green, KY

Gary Gunn was a long time employer and later a freelance client who coached independent auto repair shop owners. When I worked with him full time, he had me redesign his website, as well as his brands’ logos. Honor Circle was his premium monthly business coaching program. Here is the story of this consulting logo design.

Consulting logo design story

Since this program catered to Gary’s highest paying clients, I set out to convey a high-class feel. As such, the main color needed to be green, the color of money! I chose a thick sans serif font to communicate that this was an exclusive brand. I altered  the word “Honor” by stylizing the H, extending the left side stems on both the top and bottom. Then, I made the O’s italic to further make it stand out. They overlap with the C’s in such a way that they are “circling” one another. I italicized the entire word “Circle”. This differentiates it from “Honor” and adds more forward motion to the consulting logo design. A drop shadow makes the white text pop even more. I created the dark to light gradient background by first outlining the text with a thick stroke. I added a subtle light to dark gradient and an inner shadow. These create depth and shine to further enhance the image. Finally, I topped off the design with a golden stroke outline. I solidified the outline and added a gradient shine to it as well. The end result is a mark that attracted the choosiest auto repair shop owners who were committed to investing in their businesses.

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