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My first paid project back in 1999 was a logo design for an upstart business in my small Kentucky hometown. That initial patron was a computer repair shop. A lawn equipment seller soon followed. I have pursued this elusive art steadfastly since then. I relish summarizing a brand’s entire mission and spirit in one concise image.

Since those fledgling logo designs, I have developed comprehensive packages that will suit any business’s budget. Do you need files for web graphics? Embroidery for work uniforms? Vector files for signage? I will supply you with Pantone color matched files as well as being ready for any application. Even if you need your logo on a billboard, I’ve got you covered.

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Rock climbing logo design for Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Campton, KY

I created this rock climbing logo design for Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure (now Southeast Mountain Guides), which is located in the Red River Gorge region of Kentucky. They host hiking tours for experienced rock climbers and rappellers. Boy Scout troops who seek to earn their merit badges also patronize their courses. As such, they needed a nature themed logo that summed up everything they represented.

Rock climbing logo design story

First, the owner provided detailed sketches of what she wanted for the logo. These drawings depicted a Boy Scout merit badge style that was also similar to the mark of Bowling Green, KY’s Camping World. A passing resemblance to this famous image from the same genre was a good place to start. After examining the initial drawings, I went to work in Adobe Illustrator to bring them to life. The badge shape combines both rounded and hard edged corners with strong black borders. Because of the light brown and green Earth tones throughout, I set the bold sans serif text in red, stroked and shadowed in black. This makes “Torrent Falls” pop off the banner in the middle. “Climbing Adventure” is surrounded inset by a striped border that simulates a rope. Last, I crowned the other elements with a simplified mountain scene with fluffy clouds and a rolling waterfall.
Company employees wearing shirts with a variation of the logo.

Company employees wearing shirts with a variation of the logo.

Finally, I made a few variations of the logo for souvenir t-shirt designs for different courses the group offers. The company also used the mark on stickers, patches, signage, and their website.

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Does your business specialize in nature hikes and other outdoor adventure tours? You can trust me to create the perfect logo for your brand. Whether you have a sketch ready to flesh out, or need a little help with your vision, I am ready to get to work. Contact me today!
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Muhlenberg County Public Library Logo designMuhlenberg County Public Libraries

Greenville and Central City, KY

Back in 2013, my home county’s library system contacted me for a huge rebranding project. They called on me to create a new public library logo design and website for them. Back when I was growing up in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, I fondly remember participating in their annual summer reading program each year. I also would often stop in to check out books while I walked home on my way from my school, Greenville Elementary. Because of this, I considered the project to be a very special honor.

Public library logo design in Kentucky – fonts and Image

First, I created a line drawing based on the iconic county courthouse tower using the Adobe Illustrator application. This building happens to be the largest open belfry anywhere in the United States. The courthouse tower resides right across the street from the Greenville (Harbin Memorial) branch of the public library. MCPL also has a branch situated in Central City, KY. After I drew up the focal vector image, I spelled out the words in the main title “Muhlenberg County Public Libraries”. I chose the Museo Slab serif style font. I love this font, since it creates an identity that looks both classic and modern at the same time. A simplified book shape opens up in the foreground in order to provide a tasteful contrast to the architecture portrayed behind it. It avoids the pitfall of potentially making the design too complicated by still not being too obvious or complex. All of the elements’ weights are distributed evenly. The book’s shape gives the correct emphasis on the text. To give the piece more variety, I set the words “Public Libraries” in a larger size at the bottom. The words “Muhlenberg County” reverse out of the book shape in white.

Public library logo color scheme and finishing touches

The dark blue and lime green color scheme are strong and eye catching, while still keeping things simple. Depending on the application, I set the background color in either a solid blue, or the gradient fade you see displayed here. As with all of my logo designs, I created a separate, simplified version in black and white. I have always maintained the belief that the best logos can be reduced down to this format. I love going “back home” to Western Kentucky and seeing my work displayed on signage and billboards. The library was such an important part of my childhood growing up in Muhlenberg County. Therefore, it is a good feeling to know that my work represents it to kids growing up there today.

Muhlenberg County Public Libraries Thistle Cottage LogoThistle Cottage history and public library logo design colors

Later on in that very same year, MCPL returned to me for a new task. They requested a new variation of my original public library logo design. The new spin on the brand first involved a change in the color scheme. For this particular version, I decided we should incorporate a rustic copper brown and army green combination. Both of these muted colors combine and hearken back to the heritage of the building represented by the mark. Thistle Cottage is a historic early 20th Century home on 122 South Cherry Street in downtown Greenville, KY. It was built in the year 1912, back when the Western Kentucky coal mining industry was still booming. It is located just around the corner from the Harbin Memorial library branch. Thistle Cottage was formerly a cultural center that hosted touring exhibits. The city gave it to the public library system in 2013. They then converted it into a museum and art gallery space. MCPL holds their annual community events there as well. These events include their Mother’s Day Victorian Tea party in May, along with their Pictures with Santa holiday series.

Thistle Cottage logo fonts and finishing touches

A fun handwriting script font comes together in order to spell out the main title phrase “Thistle Cottage”. Once again, I reversed the title out of the large open book shape in white. Then, I made the book shape taller. This way, it would frame in all of the main title text. I kept the “Muhlenberg County Public Libraries” text intact from the original logo design in this particular variation. Then, I arched it around the courthouse image from the original logo in the copper brown shade. Finally, I recolored the county courthouse in the olive shade of green. The finished product I provided made the staff at MCPL very happy in the end. While it is obviously associated with the Kentucky library system, the muted color scheme and classic script give the logo a vintage feel of its own.

Thistle Cottage logo signage gallery

Check out the finished product in print in the photo gallery below. The library features it prominently on the sign in front of the Thistle Cottage building.

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Are you a library director who is in the process of launching a brand new library system or branch in your community? Perhaps your own library system has been using the same outdated logo for many years. You may very well be in need of an image rebrand! Whatever your situation is, you need to contact me! Everyone in your town will be checking you out! Sorry, for better or worse, I just can’t help myself when it comes to a good pun.
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Analog Apostles band logo design

Analog Apostles

Lexington, KY

This band logo design is a hand drawn combination mark for the Lexington, KY Alternative Indie Rock band Analog Apostles. Both an abstract icon and a hand drawn name make up this image. The band featured the mark on their social media, and also stenciled it on their guitar and amp cases.

Band logo design story for Lexington, KY alternative rock group

The band needed a simple, one color mark. First, I began by taking my cue from bands like My Chemical Romance for the manic, painterly style of the words. I substituted the “no solution” sign in place of the “O” characters in the band name in order to add some variety to the name text. Next, I aimed to create a classic icon to use in several different applications. Whether it is featured on drum heads or vinyl banners, the image can stand alone without the rest of the logo’s text. Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew up a vector symbol that clearly represented a cursive script “A” character. Many people also have told me that it bears a passing resemblance to a treble clef. Therefore, a bonus music theory reference is in play. Finally, after I drew the band logo design text by hand, I scanned it in and then cleaned it up in Illustrator. After I made a few revisions and balanced the elements out, the finished product was ready to go. Many fans complimented the logo when they saw the band feature it on stages across the country on tour.

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I’ve been working with a variety of clients in the music industry for many years. Lean on my years of experience. Contact me today for a versatile logo to represent your band or record label’s brand.

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Mascot graphic design - ACCA cartoon monkey art for nonprofitAmerican College Counseling Association

United States – Nationwide

Long time clients the ACCA pitched me a concept for a mascot graphic design. I brainstormed with their President on which animal to use. In the end, we decided to let the group’s members vote. The majority of them decided that it should be a monkey. Fun! This was the first time for me to design a mascot, so I was really looking forward to it.

ACCA members also decided to name him “Ace”. Ace is an average college student. He lives in a dorm, studies, and goes on dates. He sometimes has issues that require counseling as well. I had to create a friendly, relatable image for many different applications.

Mascot Graphic Design Story

First, I hand drew the cuddly primate. I studied several photos of chimpanzees, as well as cartoon animal characters. I then considered typical college students’ fashion and hairstyles. The smiling monkey sports a spiked haircut and soul patch. Ace also wears a heather grey pullover hooded sweatshirt, a staple casual apparel item for students. A monogrammed varsity style “A” drawn in the ACCA’s signature shade of purple adorns the hoodie. There are also a few other elements of note. The monkey’s ears are slightly off balance to add another relatable, flawed quality. He also balances both a book and a half eaten banana. He sits cross legged in order to add further folksy quality. ACCA has immortalized Ace. They have used him on postcards, apparel, and USB drives. I created a few other variations with different facial expressions and in different situations, much like my modifications to my former co-worker’s mascot design for Dogwood Lakes.

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Whether you are a sports franchise, a food seller, or a nonprofit, a mascot could be a good choice to enhance your brand. You need an experienced, skilled graphic designer. Contact me today!
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