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My first paid project back in 1999 was a logo design for an upstart business in my small Kentucky hometown. That initial patron was a computer repair shop. A lawn equipment seller soon followed. I have pursued this elusive art steadfastly since then. I relish summarizing a brand’s entire mission and spirit in one concise image.

Since those fledgling logo designs, I have developed comprehensive packages that will suit any business’s budget. Do you need files for web graphics? Embroidery for work uniforms? Vector files for signage? I will supply you with Pantone color matched files as well as being ready for any application. Even if you need your logo on a billboard, I’ve got you covered.

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Resolute Repairs home repair contractor logoResolute Repairs Logo

Lexington, KY

My neighbor Drew was starting up his own home repair business. It just so happened that I needed some repair work done on my home. As luck would have it, he also needed a contractor logo design for his company. We struck up a barter deal for each of our respective services, then we both got to work!

Contractor logo design story

Drew and his partner Daniel wanted to represent their brand with a simple, classic mark. Specifically, they wanted art that was text based, with subtle image elements. They needed big, bold art that got right to the point, but did not have any specific font or element in mind. Rather, they desired a specific turquoise shade. I used this information to draw up a series of comps.

Out of all of my sketches, Drew chose the version with a simple italicized, bold serif font. Inside the line separating the two words, I reversed out “LLC” in the ubiquitous Helvetica Bold font. On either side of that, I placed circular Phillips head screw shapes. These subtle elements reinforce the home repair business category. The right screw shape also implies a dot on top of the lowercase “i” in the word “Repairs”.

Finally, the capital “R”‘s in each of the words connect. The company could use this separate mark in alternate branding applications, from uniform embroidery to vehicle wraps. I was happy with the drywall work performed by my new client. Drew and Daniel were thrilled with their new contractor logo design. Win/win!

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The word “resolute” is a synonym for “determined”. Whether it comes to your print or web image, I am resolute to help you to look your best. Does your company need a contractor logo design? Send me a message today.

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Cryptilith metal band logo designCryptilith

Cynthiana, KY

The Kentucky based Thrash Metal group Cryptilith enlisted me to create a new logo for them. Their burgeoning ensemble requested a classic metal band logo with a few modifications. After fielding a quick phone call regarding their specifications, I set out to prove that they had come to the right designer. 

Metal band logo story

Band members Shane and Cody provided a list of marks they liked from an assortment of both classic and modern metal bands. They then challenged me to create a similar aesthetic. Their taste leaned toward mildly ornate, yet legible, Old English lettering, rather than the hard to read “splatter” style logos favored by Black Metal bands. They were looking for a specific shade of bluish purple. Also, they requested an embossed variant, which would incorporate a marble texture.

After selecting the appropriate ancient style font as a base, I edited the characters to to their specs. The capital “C” in particular evolved into something completely different. It started out as a rounded crescent combined with classical ornamentation. I took great pains to make sure the metal band logo was symmetrical throughout. This involved elongating some characters, removing some of the stock flourishes, and sharpening a few of the edges. Overall, it retains the same dark edge employed by bands such as Opeth, while eschewing their complex ornamentation.

The band members were thrilled with the finished product. I too was thrilled, since I could once again combine my loves of independent music and graphic design into the same project.

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Don’t bang your head over a shady, cut rate designer in a third world country. You might think that a domestic logo designer would be too expensive, but you’d be surprised. I will provide you with an outstanding logo design at a fair, affordable price.  Contact me today to get started.

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Dining Out for Life retro logo designAVOL

Lexington, KY

It was an honor to design the ad campaign for the 2017 installment of this AIDS nonprofit’s biggest annual charity event. Every year, dozens of local Lexington restaurants donate 25% of their profits for one day to fight this terrible disease. AVOL’s director wanted to go with a 50s diner theme for this year’s event, so he asked if I could start with a retro logo design. I jumped at the opportunity to give a fun, old school feel to this important happening.

Retro logo design for AIDS benefit story

AVOL provided a few sock hop and vintage diner images for inspiration. However, the director really gave me carte blanche to create something from scratch. I studied a few kitschy, fun 50s advertisements with futuristic themes. There were lots of wacky shapes on display invoking ray guns and flying saucers. Despite many people’s perception of the 1950s as a culturally repressed era in the USA, design sensibilities were both bold and upbeat. I took these cues to form this concept, which came together quickly.

First, for the background, I made a four point arrow shape in pink to form it. Then I created somewhat of a reversed out shadow in front of it from a darker pink stroke. This floating element gives it an authentic vintage feel, as well as depth. I set the main title in a classic tall sans serif font. Black letters spell the words “DINING OUT”, encased in individual seafoam green boxes. Because they are agitated, they seem to be dancing, grabbing your attention right away. The words “FOR LIFE” also pop off of a wide black fork shape pointing up and ahead.

Finally, the simple slogan “Dine Out, Fight AIDS” completes the piece using a lighthearted paintbrush font in the same shade of seafoam green. The end result is a classic mark invoking drive in movies, bowling alleys, and greasy spoons. Everyone who lays eyes on this logo gives me great feedback. It definitely puts smiles on faces and grabs people’s attention.

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Do you have a vision for a retro logo design? Whether you’re a startup business or a local nonprofit, I’ve got you covered.  Contact me today!

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Wolfe County Public library Logo design by Derek PriceWolfe County Public Library

Campton, KY

This Eastern Kentucky reference center commissioned a library logo design and website package. My clients at Muhlenberg County Public Libraries recommended me. I previously had also provided a logo and website for them.

Traditional style green library logo design

The library board did not request very many specifics at first. They needed a strong, traditional mark incorporating shades of green. Therefore, Wolfe County’s staff chose the tried and true “donut” ring format from my initial mock up sketches. If it’s good enough for Starbucks, then it’s good enough for my clients. I selected the classic and strong Clarendon font to use throughout the library logo design. A serif font such as Clarendon is always a winner in applications like these. After that, I then wrapped the text “Wolfe County Public Library” around around the ring frame. Outline strokes of varying thicknesses in the ring helped give the mark a subtle uptown feel.

The arched ribbon that reads “WCPL” is the focus element, and also suggests a bookmark. The opened book in front of the ribbon creates depth and perspective. A simple “Est’d 1967” in front of the book reminds viewers of the library’s staying power in the community.

Finally, I topped the design off with the green and white mountains sprawling in the background. These elements are a nod to the beautiful mountains and hollers in Eastern Kentucky. WCPL ordered several tweaks and revisions as we went along. In the end, however, the library board were very happy with the finished product. It was time to move on to their website design.

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