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My first paid project back in 1999 was a logo design for an upstart business in my small Kentucky hometown. That initial patron was a computer repair shop. A lawn equipment seller soon followed. I have pursued this elusive art steadfastly since then. I relish summarizing a brand’s entire mission and spirit in one concise image.

Since those fledgling logo designs, I have developed comprehensive packages that will suit any business’s budget. Do you need files for web graphics? Embroidery for work uniforms? Vector files for signage? I will supply you with Pantone color matched files as well as being ready for any application. Even if you need your logo on a billboard, I’ve got you covered.

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Dining Out for Life retro logo designAVOL

Lexington, KY

It was an honor to design the ad campaign for the 2017 installment of this AIDS nonprofit’s biggest annual charity event. Every year, dozens of local Lexington restaurants donate 25% of their profits for one day to fight this terrible disease. AVOL’s director wanted to go with a 50s diner theme for this year’s event, so he asked if I could start with a retro logo design. I jumped at the opportunity to give a fun, old school feel to this important happening.

Retro logo design for AIDS benefit story

AVOL provided a few sock hop and vintage diner images for inspiration. However, the director really gave me carte blanche to create something from scratch. I studied a few kitschy, fun 50s advertisements with futuristic themes. There were lots of wacky shapes on display invoking ray guns and flying saucers. Despite many people’s perception of the 1950s as a culturally repressed era in the USA, design sensibilities were both bold and upbeat. I took these cues to form this concept, which came together quickly. First, for the background, I made a four point arrow shape in pink to form it. Then I created somewhat of a reversed out shadow in front of it from a darker pink stroke. This floating element gives it an authentic vintage feel, as well as depth. I set the main title in a classic tall sans serif font. Black letters spell the words “DINING OUT”, encased in individual seafoam green boxes. Because they are agitated, they seem to be dancing, grabbing your attention right away. The words “FOR LIFE” also pop off of a wide black fork shape pointing up and ahead. Finally, the simple slogan “Dine Out, Fight AIDS” completes the piece using a lighthearted paintbrush font in the same shade of seafoam green. The end result is a classic mark invoking drive in movies, bowling alleys, and greasy spoons. Everyone who lays eyes on this logo gives me great feedback. It definitely puts smiles on faces and grabs people’s attention.

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Hiram Grooming Logo - Lexington, KYHiram Grooming Co.

Lexington, KY

I designed this grooming logo for an independent company based here in Lexington. Jeremiah Duncan is a longtime friend who embarked on this business venture in 2016. He creates beard balms, beard oils, and other grooming products for men that are all vegan, organic, fair trade, and handmade. All of these fine traits are present so that Jeremiah’s products can live up to his slogan “Making good men look better.”

Grooming logo design story

Original masonic image the grooming logo design is based on The company’s name recalls the legendary figure Hiram Abiff, who is purported to have been King Solomon’s chief architect. He is a central figure in the sacred rites of Freemasonry, representing honesty, as well as fidelity. Jeremiah is a mason. Therefore, he wanted to incorporate masonic imagery in his brand’s grooming logo design. He asked me to base it off of a centuries-old drawing representing Hiram. I redrew it as a clean vector image, so it could be enlarged for any application. The skull, pentagon, and branches are all present. However, a straight razor replaces the ruler. I also added a monogrammed script “H” as requested over the skull’s forehead to add some flair.  Finally, I spelled the company name using the Pilsner script and Naylorville fonts.

I first met Jeremiah through our local music scene. He has played in hardcore, punk, and metal bands with me for many years. Merchandising our bands has always been important to both of us. His grooming logo is no different, of course. Thus far, he has used my simple black and white design for a variety of goods. Two of my favorite examples include can koozies and stickers.

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Wolfe County Public library Logo design by Derek PriceWolfe County Public Library

Campton, KY

This Eastern Kentucky reference center commissioned a library logo design and website package. My clients at Muhlenberg County Public Libraries recommended me. I previously had also provided a logo and website for them.

Traditional style green library logo design

The library board did not request very many specifics at first. They needed a strong, traditional mark incorporating shades of green. Therefore, Wolfe County’s staff chose the tried and true “donut” ring format from my initial mock up sketches. If it’s good enough for Starbucks, then it’s good enough for my clients. I selected the classic and strong Clarendon font to use throughout the library logo design. A serif font such as Clarendon is always a winner in applications like these. After that, I then wrapped the text “Wolfe County Public Library” around around the ring frame. Outline strokes of varying thicknesses in the ring helped give the mark a subtle uptown feel. The arched ribbon that reads “WCPL” is the focus element, and also suggests a bookmark. The opened book in front of the ribbon creates depth and perspective. A simple “Est’d 1967” in front of the book reminds viewers of the library’s staying power in the community. Finally, I topped the design off with the green and white mountains sprawling in the background. These elements are a nod to the beautiful mountains and hollers in Eastern Kentucky. WCPL ordered several tweaks and revisions as we went along. In the end, however, the library board were very happy with the finished product. It was time to move on to their website design.

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Iron Will Fitness Studio Logo - Lexington, KYIron Will Fitness Studio

Lexington, KY

I designed this fitness logo for a new workout studio startup based here on the South side of Lexington, KY. The owner was up against a tight deadline to open his first location. Luckily for him, tight deadlines are my specialty! I was up for the challenge and we worked closely together to bring his original sketch to life. His mark was ready with time to spare, gracing the signage at his independent gym’s grand opening.

Iron Will Fitness Logo displayed at the Lexington, KY storefront

Iron Will Fitness Studio’s logo displayed on their Lexington, KY storefront

Fitness Logo Design for Kentucky Gym Brand

The client provided me with a rough sketch of the Greek mythological figure Sisyphus pushing his fabled boulder up a hill. I thought that was a great representation of building strength through repetition. The original drawing suggested a simplified shadowy figure, so I made the hill a simple “swoosh”, and shaded the boulder with straight black lines. I chose a modern sans serif and varsity combination to suggest a simple, quick to the point philosophy, while nodding to the athletic clientele. Then I colored the high contrast logo in a black, white, and red combination. You don’t get more clean or powerful than that. Finally, the simple kettlebell weight silhouette as the negative space in the “O” puts a nice finishing touch on the mark. There is no mistaking that this fitness center is where you go to build strength and become your personal best. The client wanted to keep his options open, so I also provided him with a few other color combinations. As with all of my logos, I Pantone color matched each version. This ensures that the colors display the same, no matter what the application. Find out more about Iron Will Fitness Studio at their website.

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