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Concert poster graphic design for Driftwood Gypsy of Lexington, KY - ancient Japanese themeDriftwood Gypsy

Lexington, KY

Driftwood Gypsy is a popular jam band based here in Lexington, Kentucky. I played in an alternative indie rock band at the time named Analog Apostles. We shared the stage at this event with them and my friends from Owensboro band Why They Came at local pub Al’s Bar. I had never used an Ancient Japan theme before. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one in the concert poster graphic design.

Asian theme concert poster graphic design

First, I sought out some royalty-free Japanese illustrations for the collage. These included two geisha girls from ancient paintings, which came together to form the foreground focal image. I also added branches from two hibiscus trees with pink cherry blossoms behind them. Pink clouds roll peacefully in the upper section behind the headlining band’s name. I had set the stage for the information in the foreground. I set each of the band names in a bold white specialty font with an Asian style. Also, I heavily stroked and shadowed the text for contrast against the bright red background.

I wrote the other information about the gig in a fine brush font. I intended for the large white floating bubbles which contain the text, as well as the QR code, to mimic paper lanterns. Many of the attendees of the gig complimented me on the eye-catching pop art qualities of this flyer. The end result was a composition that is striking, yet also displays an air of both calmness and serenity. This show had a great crowd. I certainly am not taking all of the credit for the attendance number. However, it certainly did not hurt that I printed and posted this concert poster graphic design all around the neighborhood.

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Rough Customers Concert Poster Design - Lexington, KY ska bandThe Rough Customers

Lexington, KY

Pick it up! The Rough Customers are Lexington, KY’s only third wave ska band – as far as we know! In 2014, my band at the time Analog Apostles performed with them and Nashville, TN soul rockers Ravenhill. Ravenhill made a tour stop in Lexington at the Sidecar, next door to Al’s Bar. The Rough Customers’ live show is all about fun, and that’s the vibe I was going for with this concert poster design.

Large format concert poster design

The featured photo of the classic pin-up girl and phonograph was given a “washed out” effect, which I made by reducing the colors using Adobe Illustrator. I then added the hypnotizing bright blue swirl in the background to enhance the kitsch factor. I lettered the bands’ names in a watermelon red using the retro “Badaboom” font, since it always signals good times. Additionally, I used the “Cherry Cream Soda” font for the other text, completing the poster’s vintage 50s feel. Finally, I added a QR code to the concert poster design so that potential concert goers could RSVP to the event on Facebook by scanning the poster with their smartphones.

The Rough Customers never disappoint when they take the stage, and always draw a big crowd. This show was definitely no different, since we filled the small room to capacity. I would like to think that my eye catching design helped with that aspect. I always design and print my 11×17″ posters to promote shows and other events that I put together. The large format gives me more canvas to play with. It is also more eye catching than a letter sized flyer when hung in store windows.

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Year of October concert poster art

Year of October

Nashville, TN

Year of October is a blues rock band based in Nashville, TN. I designed this 11×17″ concert poster art for a show with my band at the time Analog Apostles. The gig took place at the now defunct Natasha’s Bistro and Bar here in Lexington, KY. I had a lot of fun incorporating both of my loves, graphic design and music, into this composition.

Concert poster art design story

I themed the poster around a vintage Fender silverface tube guitar amp, which is similar to the ’78 Fender Twin Reverb I once owned. First of all, I replaced the Fender logo over the speaker grill cloth with AA’s “A” insignia. I added a shiny chrome effect and embossed it to mimic the original element. I also Photoshopped out the blue amp model name, and then replaced it with the words “Rockin’ Show” in a similar font. Guitar gearheads appreciated the attention to detail I added to this concert poster art.

As for the text, I used a sans serif font in turquoise for the band names, while choosing a fat script colored orange for the other information. The band name titles are colored similar to the amp name, and also use the same font. I “underlined” both bands’ names with sets of unrolled guitar cables. The orange script almost has a neon signage feel.

Finally, I overlaid a set of vacuum tubes on top of the amp schematic drawing in the background. I changed their colors to black and white to make the colors in the forefront pop. Because of this, these images come together to make the perfect background arrangement. I almost hid them in effect, but if you take the time to examine them, they really add to the whole package.

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Analog Apostles Tour Poster Design

Analog Apostles

Lexington, KY

This 11×17″ tour poster design commemorates the release of alternative rock band Analog Apostles‘ debut independent EP. At the time, I was playing lead guitar in this Kentucky based band. The Apostles were truly a DIY act since day one. We self produced and released both of our EPs in 2013 and 2014. Since I joined the band, I took over the band’s graphic design. I revamped the band’s website, as well as designing merchandise, web graphics, and flyers such as this one.

Tour poster design story

We used this tour poster to promote our touring gigs, mailing it to promoters and other artists outside of Lexington. It helped to have one uniform design that we could use for gigs that we were either headlining or were the only act performing. It saved a lot of time and work for me not to have to design a unique poster for each event. The design returns to the nautical theme I had used for our debut CD “The Other Side of the Sea”. I had always wanted to use the “big heads and people on the horizon” trope popular in movie posters. Since I had total creative freedom with this one, I jumped at the chance to use our posed band photo floating in the sky. Our CD cover and information on where people could hear the record were superimposed over the shimmering ocean scene. Finally, I left some white space at the bottom of the poster art. This was so clubs we were playing at could write the details about each performance, such as the date and other artists performing on the bill. The final result of this art is a rock n’ roll band on an epic high seas adventure.

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