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Flyer design for Cincinnati band Acarya concert in Lexington, KYAcarya

Cincinnati, OH

I created this flyer design for a tour date my longtime friends Acarya were playing with my project Sempervivi in Lexington. They are a Cincinnati based band with a unique, percussive sound they describe as “tribal rock”. They combine both acoustic and electric guitars with a customized drums and percussion instruments. Alternate tunings, as well as chanting vocals get their audiences’ feet tapping and heads bobbing.

Flyer design for concert story

In keeping with the band’s earthy vibe, I chose a stock photo of a mysterious female walking in a field surrounded by woods. I first reduced the colors to black and white. Then, I cut out the figure to separate it from the background. I did this so I could color her in a separate tone from the rest of the image.

I only slightly toned the central figure in a faint creamy yellow. Next, I gave her a nuanced glow to create an otherworldly effect. I colored the wooded background in shades of rusty orange and red. I was careful not to make the background too bright and overpower the text in the foreground. Finally, I added a faded black overlay and inner shadow. Because of this, the image retains a dreary, blurry feel, not unlike one of my favorite horror films, The Ring.

Flyer design finishing touches and typography

Since I had logos for each of the bands on hand, I decided to incorporate them. I overlaid each element in the foreground with a dingy yellow. They are still bright, while not overpowering the background image, as I felt they would in white.

All of the band genres, date, venue, and other information is set in light weights of the Trade Gothic font. I added logos for the venue, my record label, and a QR code for the Facebook event at the bottom. Last, I framed the it all with a fine inside stroke.

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Custom concert poster design for Guided by Voices bandGuided by Voices

Dayton, OH

Legendary indie rock band Guided by Voices had a tour date in my hometown of Lexington, KY scheduled. As such, they were in need of a custom concert poster design for it. Their New York City based management company found me via Google search and then contacted me to pitch a unique proposition.

They asked me to design, print, and hand number a limited edition of 100 show posters. After approval of the design, I would then mail one copy to management. I also was required to hang a few copies at the concert’s host venue, The Burl. Finally, on the day of the show, I could set up a table next to the band’s merch station and sell the rest. I am always selling my own services. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to take part in this project.

Guided By Voices gave me carte blanche creatively. It was totally up to me to determine the poster’s artistic concept, as well as the subsequent design. The band had only rejected one poster art in their 30 plus year existence. They had developed a keen taste for quality design over their many years in the business. My reputation locally here in Lexington, KY for concert poster design preceded me. It felt great to know that both the iconic rock band and their management had so much confidence in me.

Custom concert poster design story

First, I Googled posters that were designed for the band’s previous tour dates in order to do some research. Most of the other graphic artists sought to emulate screen printed designs. Thus, they only featured three or less colors in their posters. My planned design necessitated more colors. I wanted to create a flat, cartoon style illustration. It had to convey the necessary information while staying both fun and unique.

From the start of the project, I knew I wanted to incorporate an equestrian theme. Also, I intended for the piece’s concept to tip it’s proverbial hat to the culture of my home state of Kentucky. I felt that it was a bit too cliche to use an image of a horse race as I initially had planned. All of my favorite concert posters incorporate a striking, slightly odd focal image. I had to think outside of the box. I traveled down to the uncanny valley by drawing a rowdy bartender wearing a rubber horse mask. Those who know me are well aware that people wearing realistic animal masks make me very uncomfortable. However, I resolved to face my fears by drawing this poster’s focal image.

Straight (bourbon) from the horse’s mouth on a custom concert poster design

The masked bartender brandishes a bottle of bourbon in one hand and a can of beer in the other. These containers mimic native Kentucky brands Maker’s Mark and West Sixth Brewing respectively. However, they incorporate the band’s icon logo and name instead. The main character stands behind the bar and in front of the The Burl’s signature wood paneling. Also, I framed her popping out of a circular, bright red and blue stained glass design. This is similar to the club’s famous circular window, which has been seen glowing on stage behind many iconic musical acts over the years.

Finally, I topped the main image off with a faux red wax seal. This seal resembles the one that is used by Maker’s Mark for their branding. However, it showcases the GBV icon logo instead of the Maker’s text. I achieved this effect by using an SVG Emboss filter in the Adobe Illustrator application.

Finishing touches on the custom concert poster design – font and color choices

Hand numbering Guided by Voices poster prints

Hand numbering the prints to sell.

I splattered the light brown background behind the main elements with various black spots. This gives it an appearance similar to a corkboard. The entire poster is framed in with a thick black stroke. This ties all of the elements together and adds just enough weight to it. Last of all, I highlighted the text with a darker shade of the electric blue featured on the stained glass window frame.

I set the main title in a mix of both the Birch Standard tall serif and Thirsty Script Extra Bold fonts. To add depth, as well as emphasize the words “GUIDED BY VOICES”, I added a faint white shadow effect. I also tilted the main title to make it stand out and create the appearance of motion. I wrote both the date and location of the event in an old west style font called Captain Howdy. To make it resemble the font The Burl uses in their own logo, I modified the original font by closing in the characters’ open spaces. The word “in” repeats the usage of the popular Thirsty Script font, adding some variety to the bottom text.

Guided by Voices concert poster design – Purchase a limited edition print

Everyone praised my poster design, ranging from the band’s rabid Facebook fan base to the owner of the club. What could be better than creating an effective advertisement that also doubles as a collectible art print? This was a very is fulfilling experience for me overall. As of this writing, I have a very limited stock remaining. Buy one for yourself!


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Flying Things Band Poster DesignFlying Things

Lexington, KY

Handbill for Lexington, KY band Flying Things

The black and white handbill variation of the band poster design

This 11×17″ band poster design hypes a show featuring indie rock bands Ezra and Flying Things at Lexington, KY venue Al’s Bar. Al’s is otherwise known as “The Greatest Bar of All Time”. I also opened up this show solo with my music project Sempervivi.

Band poster design story

I started with two psychedelic stock images. This theme fit the headlining bands’ sounds, which invoke fantasy imagery. I recolored the photo of the grungy space boy in a cool blue. The pink swirl at the bottom began as a full color image. Then I combined them for a futuristic feel. The white text uses a futuristic, easy to read sans serif. It tilts up at an angle so the information will stand out amidst the chaos in the poster’s background. I created a QR code and linked it to the event page on Facebook, so fans could RSVP with their phones easily. Finally, I sized down and rearranged the elements into a half page sized handbill. I firmly believe that you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to promote. Black and white handbills are old fashioned. Many people balk at them. However, one more inexpensive way to get your event in front of more eyes can’t hurt.

Get the word out with your own band poster design

I printed the posters and hung them in the North Lime neighborhood where Al’s is located, while Flying Things passed out the handbill version at their school. We all worked hard together and got the word out about the show. Therefore, there was a great crowd at the show, especially for a weeknight in Lexington. Do you play in an independent band? Are you a solo musician that needs some promotional art? Contact me for a rad poster design.
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Concert poster graphic design for Driftwood Gypsy of Lexington, KY - ancient Japanese themeDriftwood Gypsy

Lexington, KY

Driftwood Gypsy is a popular jam band based here in Lexington, Kentucky. I played in an alternative indie rock band at the time named Analog Apostles. We shared the stage at this event with them and my friends from Owensboro band Why They Came at local pub Al’s Bar. I had never used an Ancient Japan theme before. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one in the concert poster graphic design.

Asian theme concert poster graphic design

First, I sought out some royalty-free Japanese illustrations for the collage. These included two geisha girls from ancient paintings, which came together to form the foreground focal image. I also added branches from two hibiscus trees with pink cherry blossoms behind them. Pink clouds roll peacefully in the upper section behind the headlining band’s name. I had set the stage for the information in the foreground. I set each of the band names in a bold white specialty font with an Asian style. Also, I heavily stroked and shadowed the text for contrast against the bright red background.

I wrote the other information about the gig in a fine brush font. I intended for the large white floating bubbles which contain the text, as well as the QR code, to mimic paper lanterns. Many of the attendees of the gig complimented me on the eye-catching pop art qualities of this flyer. The end result was a composition that is striking, yet also displays an air of both calmness and serenity. This show had a great crowd. I certainly am not taking all of the credit for the attendance number. However, it certainly did not hurt that I printed and posted this concert poster graphic design all around the neighborhood.

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