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Websites can certainly be great tools for reaching new customers. The old fashioned business card design is still an important introductory tool, though. Business cards are an inexpensive and concise way to make a first impression. Physical media can lend credence to your emerging small business in the eyes of your potential clients.

I began my own freelance graphic design business way back in the year 1999. Since that time, I have designed the perfect business cards for a wide variety of clients. This list of owners has included a beautician, a business coach, and an auto body repair company.

Business card design that’s as unique as you are

Are you looking for something that is slick and high tech, or is it simple and subtle? No matter what your vision may be, I can help you convey your business’s image in a way that stands out from your competitors.

Your business is nowhere even close to generic. No way! Do not sell yourself short and settle for an online template that is being used by hundreds of other businesses all around the world. Unique is what you want, and unique is what you’ll get, for much less than you might expect. You need to employ a skilled and experienced graphic designer in order to do the job right and turn it around fast.

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Contact me to get your own custom business card design. Together, we will make that first impression last!

Consulting business card design for auto repair coach in Bowling Green, Kentucky.Turnaround Tour

Bowling Green, KY

Gary Gunn, AAM, is a business coach who focuses solely on the automotive repair industry. Gunn began guiding auto repair shop owners in 1979, building trust ever since. He gave me my first big break in February 2006 when he employed me at his company, Turnaround Tour. I then transitioned to working for him on contract after I moved out of Bowling Green, KY in 2008. Through the years, we constantly improved and redesigned his web and print brand. This consulting business card design is a takeoff on my Summer 2010 facelift of the TAT website.

Consulting business card design story

During this time period, “bokeh” bubble patterns were a very popular design trend. First, I blended them into the brown grunge background, which also displayed on the website. Then, I highlighted the Turnaround Tour logo on the left with colorful lighting effects and mock fireworks. I set all of the text in multiple weights of the beloved and versatile Rockwell serif font. By using different colors, effects, and weights, I created a feeling of variety with just one font. The website URL and email address both use a light blue gradient effect, which adds prestige to the overall design. Finally, I dropped in Gary’s headshot, which was cropped square, for the last touch of personalization. I combined the trends of the era with timeless graphic design principles to create a fitting introduction to a mentor I admire.

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No rebrand is complete if you do not incorporate the right print media. The perfect business card will make a great first impression when you meet a new prospect. Would any new acquaintance visit your website if you were to hand them a subpar card? Contact me today so we can get started on your design right away!
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Beauty salon Business Card design for Kentucky hair stylist Sara DrurySara Drury

Lexington, KY

Sara Drury is a popular hair stylist and cosmetologist who is located here in Central Kentucky. After I moved to town in 2009, she contacted me for her beauty salon business card design. She needed a new design to convey her elegant sense of style, while still retaining the spunky aspects of her personality.

Beauty salon business card design story

Sara was very into the “shabby chic” style popular at the time. She asked to combine vintage style elements for an old school advertising feel. I obliged with components including the blue wallpaper pattern in the background and the flourished black frame highlighting the main text. The foreground items each display on a tan “scroll”, patterned to give the appearance of papyrus or creased leather. I heavily featured fonts by the Letterhead Fonts foundry on this beauty salon business card design. The LHF Tideway script font spells out Sara’s name in the main title. The title looks fabulous as it shines in a bold, purple gradient. I set both the words “Jon-Beck Salon” and her domain URL in a deep blue. Both of them use the LHF Mike’s Block font. I then wrote the rest of the text in Georgia. I used both regular and bold weights in order to enhance the classic feel of the overall design. Finally, I provided a colorful, stylish card Sara could pass on to potential clients. She also wrote appointments on the back of them for regulars. Their friends and acquaintances saw the striking cards, and they soon became regulars as well.

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Are you a hair stylist or barber? Perhaps you are a beautician who is in need of a fresh new beauty salon business card? You always make your clients look their best. When you work with me, I will do the same for you. Contact me today to get started!
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Body shop business card design for Chip Magician in Lexington, KYChip Magician

Lexington, KY

Chris Curtis was very happy with the website I designed for his auto body repair shop in the Summer of 2009. Therefore, he called me for a slick new body shop business card design to match. This glossy, full color design features content on both of its sides. It also includes a special discount offer for new customers on the back.

Body shop business card design story

First, I dropped in a high tech, red honeycomb pattern over the bright red background. Then, I warped the image in order to create a perspective effect. Then, I framed all of the background in with a dark inner shadow, adding depth. Because I darkened the background, the bright yellow and white text elements easily pop off of the card. The background color and image do their job, adding to the impact without overshadowing the other elements. The chromed out logo, using a progressive font, displays prominently at the top. A dynamic image of the business’ signature wrapped Scion car also screeches to a stop next to the staff member’s name. Gothic fonts were all the rage in the late 2000s. Since I know when and how to incorporate graphic design trends, I used the Bank Gothic MT font for the text. The bright yellow gradients and white hues mix together to help differentiate text elements which use the same font. I also incorporated this look throughout all of Chip Magician’s web and print branding that I designed during this time.

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Does your auto body repair shop need new business cards? There is no time to waste! Your job is to make cars and trucks look their best. My job is to make you look your best. Contact me today to put your best face forward.
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