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Ronald Jenkees shirt design

Ronald Jenkees

Louisville, KY

This Ronald Jenkees shirt design is one of my biggest hits! RJ is a friend of my old band from Kentucky. If you’ve never heard of him, he is an electronic music prodigy, as well as a YouTube phenom. RJ is instantly recognizable, squinting in his Coke bottle glasses while wearing an assortment of fedoras and other hats. In his live performance videos, he always encourages viewers to have fun with their music, no matter what their skill level may be.

He commissioned a simple shirt design in 2013, which he would release along with a new album. His only request was that I keep the shirt to a simple two to three colors. Since I have a background in screen printing, simple designs are a specialty of mine. He encouraged me to get creative with shirt colors and depictions of him.

Ronald Jenkees shirt design story

First, I used Boris Black Bloxx for the text, which a thick, wacky font. I decreased the spacing of it in order to add to the fun. Then, I simplified a screen capture from one of Ronald’s Youtube jam videos to create a one color image. Finally, the product displays his vibrant personality while promoting his jaw dropping musical prowess. This version is the men’s style, which is displayed on an Ice Grey T-shirt with orange and dark grey inks. The design is also available in a grey ladies cut with pink and dark grey ink colors. Order one for yourself here! Then go see him in action on “the YouTubes” here!

Shirt design for musicians and Youtube stars alike

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Zombie Walk 2 event promotion design

Main Street Costumes

Greenville, KY

The living dead returned to roam the streets of Western Kentucky for the sequel to 2o11’s Zombie Walk event! The previous year’s undead themed charity walk was a huge success. Therefore, Main Street Costumes once again called me for event promotion design. The small town costume shop printed variations of this artwork as eight feet long banners, postcards, and t-shirts.

Since this was the second annual event, I multiplied the featured zombies by two. I felt that the stock image of the purple female zombie was a tad too immodest for a family event, so I photoshopped more clothing to cover her. I also adjusted some proportions of the characters to better fit the space.

Then, I drew the red “2” so that the second event artwork would call back to 1980s slasher film sequels. The brightly colored characters and titles pop off of the stark background. I used the heavyweight Gotham font for the copy. See my work on display in this Youtube commercial for the event:

Screen printed shirt for event promotion design

I rose to the challenge of simplifying the full color poster and card designs to a three color screen printed shirt. Since my background includes over five years working in the screen printing industry, it was second nature to me. My client agreed that we should reduce the art to pink and purple with white highlights. We stuck with the black background for the shirt. Black therefore functions as a de facto fourth color, outlining the words and images, and coloring hair and grunge elements.

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Bad Apple Records 10th Anniversary T-shirts

Bad Apple Records

Bowling Green, KY

Record label shirt design is always fun, but these two arts were very special to me. Bad Apple Records printed these shirts to commemorated the tenth anniversary of this seminal independent music label. I have been involved with the label in different capacities since its inception, so it was a no brainer for me to design these shirts. Bad Apple has released records in several genres, including efforts from my previous bands Stellar Kin and Redfoot.

Record label shirt design story

Both shirts feature variations on the Bad Apple logo that I designed back in 2002. First, the burgundy t-shirt with yellow gold ink uses the complete “grunge” variation of the logo. This was easy to design. All I had to do was recolor and resize my original mark to stretch all the way across the chest.

Next, the navy blue shirt features a parody of the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe insignia. The circular image features a white background. I recreated the stitching pattern reaching all the way around the edge. Then, I typed out “Bad Apple Records” in a Courier style font in red, mimicking the original design. I set “Since 2001” in a handwriting style script. Finally, I placed the full apple core in the center in place of the star from Converse’s original design. All of the blue design elements are actually reversed out of the white circle, as is the grunge weathering. This way, I was able to keep the number of screen printed colors down to two.

The label sold a ton of these shirts, and their tenth anniversary show was also a huge success.

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Daniel Bryan shirt design with teddy bear theme

This Daniel Bryan shirt design was one of my favorite projects to work on. I rooted on the legendary WWE Superstar since his days wrestling for independent promotions like Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA. WWE briefly let him go in 2010 after a controversial incident on television. He was scripted to choke out an announcer with a tie during an on-screen attack with his Nexus cohorts. Sponsors objected to the violent image, and WWE officials decided he went too far. While he was banished, he resumed wrestling on the independent wrestling scene. Bryan decided to capitalize on the publicity the angle earned him and had a contest for his fans.

Daniel Bryan shirt design story

The premise was to design a shirt, four colors or less, depicting Bryan as an angry teddy bear. Preferably, he would be brandishing the infamous pink tie from the firing incident.
WWE's Daniel Bryan in 2010.

WWE’s Daniel Bryan as he appeared in 2010.

After reading this news, I sprung to action. First, I hand drew the anthropomorphic, scowling fur ball, posing in Bryan’s signature robe. Next, I scanned in the sketch and cleaned it up using Adobe Photoshop. Then, I transitioned the art to Illustrator, where I redrew it to create a vector file. I colored in the bear’s ring gear with his signature deep red hues. He is holding up a finger signaling #1, a signature taunt that eventually evolved into his double fingers up YES! gesture. Before he could declare a winner of the contest, WWE hired Bryan back. He then returned as a surprise partner at that year’s SummerSlam facing his former partners in the Nexus. I believe I would have won, since several fans emailed me wanting to buy the shirt.

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