“Beyond Earth” Space Exploration Museum Exhibit

Museum exhibit ad design for NASA display in KentuckyMuhlenberg County Public Library

Greenville, KY

MCPL are regular clients from my hometown. They employ me to design print campaigns for many of their annual events. Their Thistle Cottage location is a historic building that is used for both special events and museum exhibit installations. This month long NASA display featured a replica space suit, meteorite remnants, plus more. Since this project fell into the director’s lap on short notice, I needed to turn this museum exhibit ad design around quickly.

Museum exhibit ad design story

As with many other short order projects, the director gave me creative freedom. She only requested that I include a rocket and/or astronaut in the design. The largest size the library requested for this project was a standard US letter format, which is pictured above. I also laid out small print ads for local newspapers. Facebook formats for an ad and the event page then followed. I laid the letter sized poster out like a magazine cover. The bold headline at the top displays in in the “He’s Dead Jim” font. This creates a feel that is both instantly recognizable and futuristic. Subheadings and details at the bottom display in a bold sans serif font. Since I set the text in pale yellow and orange, it really pops against the bright blue sky background. I faded a photograph of an astronaut floating in front of a space station into the background. Then, I created a colorful badge in front of it. It is similar to those commemorating NASA space flights. The exhibit title “Beyond Earth: Space Exploration” displays over the space shuttle launching from Earth in the shield shape. As always, the finished product went over huge with the library. They dropped it on their social media accounts right away. Finally, the printer received print ad files in plenty of time to promote the event.

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