Ace – ACCA Mascot

Mascot graphic design - ACCA cartoon monkey art for nonprofitAmerican College Counseling Association

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Long time clients the ACCA pitched me a concept for a mascot graphic design. I brainstormed with their President on which animal to use. In the end, we decided to let the group’s members vote. The majority of them decided that it should be a monkey. Fun! This was the first time for me to design a mascot, so I was really looking forward to it.

ACCA members also decided to name him “Ace”. Ace is an average college student. He lives in a dorm, studies, and goes on dates. He sometimes has issues that require counseling as well. I had to create a friendly, relatable image for many different applications.

Mascot Graphic Design Story

First, I hand drew the cuddly primate. I studied several photos of chimpanzees, as well as cartoon animal characters. I then considered typical college students’ fashion and hairstyles. The smiling monkey sports a spiked haircut and soul patch. Ace also wears a heather grey pullover hooded sweatshirt, a staple casual apparel item for students. A monogrammed varsity style “A” drawn in the ACCA’s signature shade of purple adorns the hoodie. There are also a few other elements of note. The monkey’s ears are slightly off balance to add another relatable, flawed quality. He also balances both a book and a half eaten banana. He sits cross legged in order to add further folksy quality. ACCA has immortalized Ace. They have used him on postcards, apparel, and USB drives. I created a few other variations with different facial expressions and in different situations, much like my modifications to my former co-worker’s mascot design for Dogwood Lakes.

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