Lynagh’s Irish Pub Shirt

Irish shirt design for Lynagh's Irish Pub in Lexington, KY

Lynagh’s Irish Pub

Lexington, KY

Lynagh’s is an Irish bar and restaurant situated near the University of Kentucky’s campus. It is a live music institution here in Lexington, which is also famous for its burgers and spirits. Patrons of all backgrounds also gather there to watch big soccer and basketball games. I have booked shows directly with their owner Jeb for years, so it was natural for him to approach me to create an Irish shirt design for the bar.

Irish shirt design story

Jeb asked for a montage of simple images to represent his brand. Specifically, he only requested that I incorporate a soccer ball, a mug of beer, and a shamrock. Beside these elements, he only asked for me to use a mix of fonts similar to his existing logo. Other than that, he wanted the design on either a green or grey shirt. He gave me the creative leeway to also add my own flair to the design, so I went right to work sketching.

First, I chose a Hunter Green shirt as the backdrop for the white and light green ink. This light to dark range is the perfect choice for an Irish shirt design. I then selected a combination of two decorative fonts to give the shirt a Celtic feel. “LYNAGH’S” arches on top of the design using a bold strain of the GF font, while “Irish Pub” displays in the lighter (XX) font below. I stroked the top text with an implied dark green, then a light green to make it pop a bit more.

After choosing the fonts for the main text, I placed an oval in the middle of them in light green. I filled it with a Celtic knot pattern, and used it as the background of the requested beer, soccer, and shamrock icons. The shamrock is slightly larger, and displays upright, in front of the other elements. I tilted them to give further emphasis on the shamrock, making it the focal element.

Finally, I took creative license and added the words “LEX KY” and “SINCE 1981”, orbiting the rest of the design elements. This adds a bit more of the varsity sports theme overall. I topped everything off with a weathered grunge pattern to give it a broken in “favorite old shirt” feel.

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