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Hiram Grooming Logo - Lexington, KYHiram Grooming Co.

Lexington, KY

I designed this grooming logo for an independent company based here in Lexington. Jeremiah Duncan is a longtime friend who embarked on this business venture in 2016. He creates beard balms, beard oils, and other grooming products for men that are all vegan, organic, fair trade, and handmade. All of these fine traits are present so that Jeremiah’s products can live up to his slogan “Making good men look better.”

Grooming logo design story

Original masonic image the grooming logo design is based on The company’s name recalls the legendary figure Hiram Abiff, who is purported to have been King Solomon’s chief architect. He is a central figure in the sacred rites of Freemasonry, representing honesty, as well as fidelity. Jeremiah is a mason. Therefore, he wanted to incorporate masonic imagery in his brand’s grooming logo design. He asked me to base it off of a centuries-old drawing representing Hiram. I redrew it as a clean vector image, so it could be enlarged for any application. The skull, pentagon, and branches are all present. However, a straight razor replaces the ruler.

I also added a monogrammed script “H” as requested over the skull’s forehead to add some flair.  Finally, I spelled the company name using the Pilsner script and Naylorville fonts.

I first met Jeremiah through our local music scene. He has played in hardcore, punk, and metal bands with me for many years. Merchandising our bands has always been important to both of us. His grooming logo is no different, of course. Thus far, he has used my simple black and white design for a variety of goods. Two of my favorite examples include can koozies and stickers.

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