Acarya Concert Flyer

Flyer design for Cincinnati band Acarya concert in Lexington, KYAcarya

Cincinnati, OH

I created this flyer design for a tour date my longtime friends Acarya were playing with my project Sempervivi in Lexington. They are a Cincinnati based band with a unique, percussive sound they describe as “tribal rock”. They combine both acoustic and electric guitars with a customized drums and percussion instruments. Alternate tunings, as well as chanting vocals get their audiences’ feet tapping and heads bobbing.

Flyer design for concert story

In keeping with the band’s earthy vibe, I chose a stock photo of a mysterious female walking in a field surrounded by woods. I first reduced the colors to black and white. Then, I cut out the figure to separate it from the background. I did this so I could color her in a separate tone from the rest of the image.

I only slightly toned the central figure in a faint creamy yellow. Next, I gave her a nuanced glow to create an otherworldly effect. I colored the wooded background in shades of rusty orange and red. I was careful not to make the background too bright and overpower the text in the foreground. Finally, I added a faded black overlay and inner shadow. Because of this, the image retains a dreary, blurry feel, not unlike one of my favorite horror films, The Ring.

Flyer design finishing touches and typography

Since I had logos for each of the bands on hand, I decided to incorporate them. I overlaid each element in the foreground with a dingy yellow. They are still bright, while not overpowering the background image, as I felt they would in white.

All of the band genres, date, venue, and other information is set in light weights of the Trade Gothic font. I added logos for the venue, my record label, and a QR code for the Facebook event at the bottom. Last, I framed the it all with a fine inside stroke.

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