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Versailles, KY

My longtime web client Sara Drury referred me to a young lady with an extraordinary story. Jessica Abreu grew up in a humble village in Brazil. When she migrated to the USA at 19, she had very little money, but a lot of determination. Many years later, she decided to start her own business. She would use skills she learned from her grandparents growing up. Jessica began hand pouring her candles using all natural, pet friendly ingredients. These candles emit scents ideal for meditation. She reached out to me to build an eCommerce website design, so she could sell her unique candles worldwide.

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While Jessica waited for pro photos of her products, she funneled their details to me. She provided me the weights and dimensions for each item, so I could input shipping information. She also created the categories that they would fit in. I needed this information in order to organize her new web store. Some of her candles are limited edition, only on sale for 30 days at a time. Other signature items will stay consistently online. I built her site using Woocommerce, allowing her to sell with Paypal. It and also calculates accurate shipping charges via the US Postal Service.

I called on my previous experience managing an eCommerce website design when organizing the site. The clean, minimal layout leaves plenty of room to showcase her products. Jessica’s own personal style shines through. Also, the site is responsive. This makes for easy mobile ordering. The seamless customer experience makes ordering online easy, each and every time. 

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