Turnaround Tour Business Card

Consulting business card design for auto repair coach in Bowling Green, Kentucky.Turnaround Tour

Bowling Green, KY

Gary Gunn, AAM, is a business coach who focuses solely on the automotive repair industry. Gunn began guiding auto repair shop owners in 1979, building trust ever since. He gave me my first big break in February 2006 when he employed me at his company, Turnaround Tour. I then transitioned to working for him on contract after I moved out of Bowling Green, KY in 2008. Through the years, we constantly improved and redesigned his web and print brand. This consulting business card design is a takeoff on my Summer 2010 facelift of the TAT website.

Consulting business card design story

During this time period, “bokeh” bubble patterns were a very popular design trend. First, I blended them into the brown grunge background, which also displayed on the website. Then, I highlighted the Turnaround Tour logo on the left with colorful lighting effects and mock fireworks. I set all of the text in multiple weights of the beloved and versatile Rockwell serif font. By using different colors, effects, and weights, I created a feeling of variety with just one font. The website URL and email address both use a light blue gradient effect, which adds prestige to the overall design. Finally, I dropped in Gary’s headshot, which was cropped square, for the last touch of personalization. I combined the trends of the era with timeless graphic design principles to create a fitting introduction to a mentor I admire.

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