Crepps Construction Consulting

Crepps construction logo design in KentuckyCrepps Construction Consulting

Elizabethtown, KY

This company provides the service of custom concrete work and home renovation. Crepps’ clients include both large businesses and high income homeowners. All of them seek just one thing: adding value to their property. Because of this, Crepps needed a clean, professional image to communicate the quality of their work. In effect, they needed this construction logo design to add value to their own business.

Kentucky construction logo design story

First, the owner requested that I combine two fonts, both a serif and sans serif. For the text “Crepps LLC”, I chose the bold serif font Clarendon. You can’t go wrong with that recognizable, yet versatile, typeface. I set the words “Construction Consulting” in a heavy weight of the sans serif font Gotham HTF. You may recognize it from NBC’s late night staple show Saturday Night Live. The contractor business also asked that I incorporate a blue and green color scheme in this construction logo design. I first created a simple roof outline in a deep blue shade. Sharp points suggest precision and strength, concepts that are important to potential customers. The four walls of the home are all implied by using negative space. “Crepps LLC” displays in front of the roof shape. The oversized “C” character dynamically swoops around the rest of the word. Finally, I added some layer effects throughout the piece. I added a subtle mid to dark blue gradient to the roof. “Crepps” features a harder stop between two shades of green, as well as an inner glow and a mid grey outline stroke. All of these elements come together to create a high end mark, which attracts Crepps’ target market: discriminating, high end home buyers.

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