Driftwood Gypsy Concert Flyer

Concert poster graphic design for Driftwood Gypsy of Lexington, KY - ancient Japanese themeDriftwood Gypsy

Lexington, KY

Driftwood Gypsy is a popular jam band based here in Lexington, Kentucky. I played in an alternative indie rock band at the time named Analog Apostles. We shared the stage at this event with them and my friends from Owensboro band Why They Came at local pub Al’s Bar. I had never used an Ancient Japan theme before. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one in the concert poster graphic design.

Asian theme concert poster graphic design

First, I sought out some royalty-free Japanese illustrations for the collage. These included two geisha girls from ancient paintings, which came together to form the foreground focal image. I also added branches from two hibiscus trees with pink cherry blossoms behind them. Pink clouds roll peacefully in the upper section behind the headlining band’s name. I had set the stage for the information in the foreground. I set each of the band names in a bold white specialty font with an Asian style. Also, I heavily stroked and shadowed the text for contrast against the bright red background.

I wrote the other information about the gig in a fine brush font. I intended for the large white floating bubbles which contain the text, as well as the QR code, to mimic paper lanterns. Many of the attendees of the gig complimented me on the eye-catching pop art qualities of this flyer. The end result was a composition that is striking, yet also displays an air of both calmness and serenity. This show had a great crowd. I certainly am not taking all of the credit for the attendance number. However, it certainly did not hurt that I printed and posted this concert poster graphic design all around the neighborhood.

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