Concert Flyer: Steve Sizemore Group, Rock House, Brick House Blend

Concert Flyer design for Steve Sizemore Group, Rock House, Brick House Blend in Lexington, KY

Steve Sizemore Group

Lexington, KY

I’ve been promoting music events for most of my life, which of course includes creating the concert flyer design. I took a break from playing in bands when I moved and got married.  Afterward, I formed the band Brick House Blend with some friends in Lexington. We played an eclectic mix of classic rock and hip hop originals, as well as crowd pleasing covers. I resumed designing and handing out show flyers to promote my new group.

This was our debut show, occurring in Lexington at now defunct Attic Bar. It also featured local classic rock mainstays Steve Sizemore Group on top.

Vintage style concert flyer design

I was going for a vintage feel with this concert flyer design. I kept it simple with the solid peach and sherbet color scheme. The halftone “rock n’ roll babes” photos provided some striking, high contrast imagery. The colors themselves were a definite departure from my comfort zone. The single font invokes the classic movie posters of yore. I never intend to use overtly sexual imagery in my work. It is cheap, cliched, and disgusting to use titillating imagery to sell a product or service. However, tasteful photos of attractive, fully clothed ladies can still be striking while maintaining an air of class. Steve Sizemore Group, Brick House Blend, Rock House flyer, 4 up quarter sizedFor cost effectiveness, I also designed a small, 4-up black and white “handbill” version of the letter sized flyer. We handed it out in our social circles to help get the word out.  Our print and web promotions for the event were successful. We ended up bringing in a much larger than expected turnout for the show.

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