Analog Apostles Logo

Analog Apostles band logo design

Analog Apostles

Lexington, KY

This band logo design is a hand drawn combination mark for the Lexington, KY Alternative Indie Rock band Analog Apostles. Both an abstract icon and a hand drawn name make up this image. The band featured the mark on their social media, and also stenciled it on their guitar and amp cases.

Band logo design story for Lexington, KY alternative rock group

The band needed a simple, one color mark. First, I began by taking my cue from bands like My Chemical Romance for the manic, painterly style of the words. I substituted the “no solution” sign in place of the “O” characters in the band name in order to add some variety to the name text. Next, I aimed to create a classic icon to use in several different applications. Whether it is featured on drum heads or vinyl banners, the image can stand alone without the rest of the logo’s text.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew up a vector symbol that clearly represented a cursive script “A” character. Many people also have told me that it bears a passing resemblance to a treble clef. Therefore, a bonus music theory reference is in play.

Finally, after I drew the band logo design text by hand, I scanned it in and then cleaned it up in Illustrator. After I made a few revisions and balanced the elements out, the finished product was ready to go. Many fans complimented the logo when they saw the band feature it on stages across the country on tour.

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