Chip Magician Business Card

Body shop business card design for Chip Magician in Lexington, KYChip Magician

Lexington, KY

Chris Curtis was very happy with the website I designed for his auto body repair shop in the Summer of 2009. Therefore, he called me for a slick new body shop business card design to match. This glossy, full color design features content on both of its sides. It also includes a special discount offer for new customers on the back.

Body shop business card design story

First, I dropped in a high tech, red honeycomb pattern over the bright red background. Then, I warped the image in order to create a perspective effect. Then, I framed all of the background in with a dark inner shadow, adding depth. Because I darkened the background, the bright yellow and white text elements easily pop off of the card. The background color and image do their job, adding to the impact without overshadowing the other elements. The chromed out logo, using a progressive font, displays prominently at the top. A dynamic image of the business’ signature wrapped Scion car also screeches to a stop next to the staff member’s name. Gothic fonts were all the rage in the late 2000s. Since I know when and how to incorporate graphic design trends, I used the Bank Gothic MT font for the text. The bright yellow gradients and white hues mix together to help differentiate text elements which use the same font. I also incorporated this look throughout all of Chip Magician’s web and print branding that I designed during this time.

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