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Web design has been my specialty from day one. I create responsive, image rich brochure sites for small businesses in Kentucky and nationwide.  I also devise more complex solutions that showcase products and services and . Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul, or an experienced webmaster to keep your site up to date, I am your man.

Sample my web design work below, and contact me with your proposal. I look forward to helping you enhance your online presence.

Sempervivi band website designSempervivi

Lexington, KY

I made this 2017 band website design for my own punk rock music project Sempervivi. Sometimes, I perform solo in Lexington and the surrounding region. Alternately, I perform with a full band.

In addition to releasing our second EP “Always Alive”, I had a lot of merchandise and other promotional material to design. I hastily assembled a new website redesign which was themed after the album art. However, I was never happy with how it looked or functioned. The layout did not flow very well on mobile devices and the blog focused home page seemed dated. Thus, I carved out some time to create a new site that retained the color scheme of the EP, but fostered a much more user friendly experience.

Band website design story

I have been a website designer for almost as long as I have been a musician playing in bands. Naturally, my profession and my hobby have intersected many times over the years. I am always evolving, and always reaching out to learn better, more efficient methods. This applies to writing and performing songs, as well as designing clean, responsive web solutions. My two passions come together and dovetail in this website redesign project.

The main improvements I needed to make included the overall aesthetics. The old site was, frankly, bland and boring. I needed to add some video and bring the overall look of the site up to current tastes. Fonts were to be changed from a conventional sans serif to a more trendy slab.

Features wise, I wanted to downplay the blog. While still important, I only updated it every few months. As such, I needed to change the focus of the site from the blog entries to the overall story of the band, the music itself, and upcoming events.

WordPress band website design homepage

The home page header background’s video loop gives a strong first impression. I stitched together performance highlights from several venues into a 30-second clip using Apple iMovie. Since Sempervivi can appear as either a solo act or as a band, I featured footage of both formats. The video is overlaid by a muted shade of the green used for the “Always Alive” EP’s cover.

In front of the video background, I embedded a compact Bandcamp player containing the newest EP. Below in large type, the site tagline concisely summarizes Sempervivi in two sentences. Last, the call to action “BOOK NOW” button punctuates the introduction. Visitors can hear my music and get a synopsis of what it’s about, then navigate to my booking form without ever having to scroll down. The most important content all lies squarely above the fold.

The next section down reveals a list of upcoming shows on my calendar. A plugin pulls a feed of future performances from the Facebook page. By using this, I avoid having to enter event information twice, as I was before when using an events calendar plugin. If a particular date interests a fan, they can click and go directly to the Facebook event to RSVP. The section’s columns clearly display event dates, titles, venues, and cover images.

The rest of the homepage contains subsections displaying a longer “About” paragraph and an Instagram feed. Thumbnails and snippets from the most recent blog entry also serve to keep fans up to date.

Additional band website design features

The rest of the pages on the site contain all of the information newcomers and longtime fans alike need. Each individual page displays a different featured image in its header. These range from action shots on stage to candid photos to show band members’ personalities.

In particular, I am very happy with how the Song Lyrics page developed. I created an anchored list which comprises of all of the songs in my arsenal. Each section contains the verses, bridges, and choruses for the songs. If a song was featured on an album, I added its individual Bandcamp player above the lyrics. This way, the site’s visitors can listen along to the song while they read the words.

The Biography page provides the details on the band’s history, then features clips of glowing album reviews at the bottom. I update my blog every so often with news to keep everyone in the loop. The blog archive page shows a list of the most recent news entries. Each one displays the featured image above an excerpt, which fans can click in order to read the full entry. Next to the blog, in the sidebar, the booking call to action button reappears above the Upcoming Shows feed. Finally, I set up a Paypal store page on the site so that I could sell my merchandise directly. I factored in shipping from my account and created secure buttons so fans who can’t attend a show can still buy my shirts, CDs, stickers, and buttons.

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Overall, the site condenses down neatly to display on mobile phones and tablets. This responsive design ensures that none of the visitors will get frustrated trying to navigate through the content. The site can meet its goal of expanding my music’s brand.

Does your indie band or record label need a fresh, functional new website design? You need a solution that is both easy for your fans to use and for you to update. Contact me today and let’s make it happen!

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Utility Website Design - Hardin County, Kentucky Water DistrictHardin County Water District No. 1

Radcliff, KY

I created this utility website design for Hardin County, Western Kentucky’s first district water company. A former coworker of mine at Fischbach USA had since been hired as a director at HCWD. He hired me to create a new responsive website, since their old design was decidedly dated. I had a lot of content to work with, so I split the site menus into two. The main pages group into a sticky menu that stays visible as the user scrolls down.

Kentucky Utility Website Design Packed with Features

Prospective contractors make up a lot of HCWD’s traffic. They can now access project bid information when they fill out a secure form. I also created a new password protected page. This way, only HCWD employees can access secure company documents. I reorganized the old site’s FAQ page as well. It now breaks down into a simple anchored list. Thus, the utility company’s customers are able to quickly reach all the information they need. The site is a hub of the Hardin County community. Thus, the events calendar and news need to be easy to update. I uploaded a Youtube tutorial video for the site administrators, because they did not have much experience with making web updates. I offer this service to all of my clients at no extra cost.

Visit the website here!

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Wolfe County Public Library Responsive Website DesignWolfe County Public Library

Campton, KY

Muhlenberg County Public Libraries referred WCPL to me because of past work I’d performed for them. Wolfe County Public Library’s existing website was both extremely out of date and inaccessible for patrons. They needed a responsive website design makeover. I was ready to work with their staff to create the solution.

Feature rich responsive website design in Kentucky

The new website layout features both the green hues and classic look of their logo design, which I created. A responsive slider is the centerpiece of the layout. Photos of their beautiful facilities and patrons using their services greet users.

Their events calendar is another premium feature. It displays upcoming children’s storytimes and special library programs. Staff can easily update the calendar. I created a tutorial video to help. Wolfe County residents can also subscribe to events directly using their online calendar apps.

Special features and attractive graphics are pointless if a website is hard to use. The site condenses down nicely on any device. Mobile devices reveal a convenient flyout menu. A local library is much more than just a collection of books and media. It is also a community center. Whether using a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, WCPL’s catalog is universally accessible. Everyone can now learn what their local library can do for them. Both patrons and staff were pleased with their finished product.

View the site here.

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JustChoice Lending website design for Lexington, KY mortgage lenderJustChoice Lending

Berea, KY

It was very rewarding to build this clean, simple lending website design. This mortgage lender’s online presence needed both a fresh facelift and added functionality. Their responsive white and grey layout is punctuated by a bright blue hue. The title, call to action, and contact information are all up top and easy to access.

JustChoice Lending sent me their testimonials video. I featured it front and center. Homeowners tell each of their stories regarding the financial help they received. Thus, visitors know right away how the company can help.

Three sections just below the video, contain brief synopses of the loans that JustChoice offers. The graphics link to pages detailing USDA, FHA/VA, and Conventional loan products.

Nonprofit Mortgage Lending Website Design

JustChoice Lending is a division of Kentucky based nonprofit FAHE, which empowers low income borrowers in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia to own their own homes. Many of them only have Internet access via their smartphones because of their budgets. Therefore, this site only needs few bells and whistles, and it must be as mobile friendly as possible.

Creating this site was a special privilege for me, since it helps my fellow Kentuckians. Other families in need also benefit from FAHE’s services. Residents in this region are both forgotten and exploited by our state’s and nation’s leaders. Therefore, I support any and all efforts to help that community.

Visit the website here.

Are you a nonprofit or another organization doing good in the world? Do you need a new, responsive website design? Contact me today.

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