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I handled businesses’ in-house print design before going freelance. My first post-college job was catalog layout at a jewelry store. I designed DVD covers for an educational company. Packaging and magazine ads for a sealant cartridge factory was also a highlight. I love creating designs that are eye-catching and original.

See samples below of my newspaper and advertising work, then contact me. I would love to help you spread excitement for your products and services.

Hiram Grooming Company 3rd Degree Beard Balm Can Label Design DetailHiram Grooming Co.

Lexington, KY

I created this can label design for my friend Jeremiah’s “3rd Degree” beard balm. He needed both a logo design and packaging design for his new business venture Hiram Grooming Co. Each of his products is all natural, vegan, organic, fair trade, and handmade “to make good men look better”. His can labels required a clean, simple black and white layout with a short turnaround, so naturally he gave me a call.

Can label design story

Printed can label design for 3rd degree beard balm

The finished product – printed labels on cans of 3rd Degree Beard Balm.

Jeremiah had initially sketched up a layout for me in Microsoft Publisher. I redesigned it in Adobe Illustrator with cleaner imagery and upgraded fonts as he had requested.

Just as he did with his logo, Jeremiah provided some vintage masonic art to recreate.  The coffin imagery was from an old drawing featured in The Freemason’s Manual. It of course represents mortality, as well as craftsmanship, with the hammer and shovel tools. I cleaned up the image and then redrew it as a vector graphic in Illustrator. I also redrew another low resolution banner graphic that is often found in traditional masonic imagery. The three tenets of “Strength, Wisdom, Beauty” are a perfect fit for a men’s hair care product. The milgrain border ties all of the elements together with a touch of class.

Usually for packaging design work, I tend to stick with just one or two fonts. However, in this case, I used a variety of vintage fonts throughout the label design. I then laid them out in the same style as many Victorian era products and ads. The result is a classic design indicative of a salve that a true renaissance man can appreciate.

Pick up all of Hiram Grooming Co. products and merchandise here.

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Thistle Cottage Spring 2015 Victorian Tea Poster DesignMuhlenberg County Public Libraries / Thistle Cottage

Greenville, KY

For the second year running, MCPL once again hired me to make their annual Victorian Tea poster design. I started by laying this design out in kiosk size. Then, I resized the art into several smaller formats. Half page newspaper ads were the smallest size. Thistle Cottage holds their annual Victorian Tea in downtown Greenville, Kentucky. The party is a Victorian themed event where Mothers and daughters dress up and enjoy a traditional tea party. It is a popular event where mothers and daughters can go back to experience a simpler time in history that their ancestors once knew. The air of nostalgia brings little girls’ tea parties to life. Servers and staff also dress in period attire. An elegant event such as this called for an equally classy poster design.

Victorian Tea Poster Design in Kentucky

I really enjoy sifting through vintage Victorian ads. Obviously, I patterned this poster design after them. I started with the featured black and white illustration of the mother and daughter characters. The poster’s background is dressed in a “shabby chic wallpaper” pattern with the drab colors that were fashionable in that era. My favorite feature of any good Victorian ad is the variety of fonts and dingbats in use. Artists seem to always use a dozen fonts in any given piece. It looks like the advertiser aimed to use as many fonts as possible in one space. These warped font styles always remind me of the circus. It’s as if the carnival barker pulled double duty and was also hired to design the poster layout. Both the teapot and pointing finger ornaments give the composition an old time “over the top” feel. Step right up!

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banner design - Misty Mountain String Band 3x5'

Misty Mountain String Band

Louisville, KY

Misty Mountain String Band's banner design on display at a show.After designing MMSB’s CD layout for “Went to the Well”, the band returned, asking me to create a large banner design. This three foot by five foot vinyl banner travels with the band and helps the boys look professional when on stage.

Banner design for Kentucky bluegrass and folk band

The affable string band sound describes their sound as “What it sounds like when a banjo smiles.” Similarly, this banner is both warm and inviting.

The large banner layout features text and ornaments arranged in a vintage two color “show poster” style. First, I set the stage with a neutral color background with a rough burlap texture. I then mixed the two big, bold fonts for the main title in bright orange. Next, I reversed the words “Misty Mountain” out of a long orange block using a Western style font. This is a divider in the middle of the main title to break things up visually, and it function as ground for the squirrels to stand on. I set the rest of the band’s name in a heavy sans serif style font. I randomly nudged the position of some of the letters to give the title the appearance of being manually screen printed by a letterpress such as Nashville’s Hatch Show Print.

After that, I added the band’s requested twin squirrel and banjo line drawings in a bold, dark green. This gives the overall design a natural feel with more weight. Finally, I added some distress to the entire composition using a grunge pattern eraser.

How much more bluegrass can you get? The answer is none – none more bluegrass!

Graphics for your concert promotional banner

Are there big summer music festival bookings in your future? Do you need a large banner design to make your group look more professional on stage? Contact me today to get started!

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Chip Magician Rack Card graphic designChip Magician

Lexington, KY

A great rack card graphic design makes a huge difference for a company’s bottom line. When customers walk in and see bright, professional art displayed in a prominent spot, sales go up. Regular client Chip Magician requested a 9×4″ rack card to promote their auto body repair franchise. This makes the perfect companion piece to the matching business cards I designed for each of the staff members.

Rack card graphic design story

Chip Magician owner Chris Curtis requested a high tech, flashy design that illustrated his services and pricing in a diagram chart. The “Body Shop Alternative” alternative offers cutting edge services such as paintless dent removal. What better vehicle to showcase against the bright red background than a champagne colored luxury SUV? From polishing and buffing the body, to repairing alloy wheels, Chip Magician does it all. Each service listed in the diagram points to the part of the vehicle that it refers to and includes pricing information over a black burst seal shape. The title text “Services Menu” displays in a futuristic chrome font, with a strong black stroke outlining it.

The back side of the card also has a bright red background, with the addition of an embossed honeycomb pattern. I added a “cutout” honeycomb shape, which functions as white space for the staff to write messages to customers. This serves to personalize the thank you message that is already included. Finally, the signature company Scion punctuates the design, bursting forth from a black seal, carried over from the front side design. A big, bold “thank you!” then accompanies it in chrome to drive the message home, so to speak.

Chip Magician Printed Rack Card (back)

Need rack card graphic design for your business?

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