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I handled businesses’ in-house print design before going freelance. My first post-college job was catalog layout at a jewelry store. I designed DVD covers for an educational company. Packaging and magazine ads for a sealant cartridge factory was also a highlight. I love creating designs that are eye-catching and original.

See samples below of my newspaper and advertising work, then contact me. I would love to help you spread excitement for your products and services.

Zombie Walk 2 Poster and Shirt

Main Street Costumes

Greenville, KY

The beloved Western Kentucky costume shop returns October 20th, 2012 for the sequel to last year’s Zombie Walk event! After the success of last year’s undead-themed charity walk, I was once again called to design promotional items this year.  These designs were printed as eight feet long banners, postcards, and t-shirts.

See my work on display in this Youtube commercial for the event:

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Chip Magician Rack Card graphic designChip Magician

Lexington, KY

A great rack card graphic design makes a huge difference for a company’s bottom line. When customers walk in and see bright, professional art displayed in a prominent spot, sales go up. Regular client Chip Magician requested a 9×4″ rack card to promote their auto body repair franchise. This makes the perfect companion piece to the matching business cards I designed for each of the staff members.

Rack card graphic design story

Chip Magician owner Chris Curtis requested a high tech, flashy design that illustrated his services and pricing in a diagram chart. The “Body Shop Alternative” alternative offers cutting edge services such as paintless dent removal. What better vehicle to showcase against the bright red background than a champagne colored luxury SUV? From polishing and buffing the body, to repairing alloy wheels, Chip Magician does it all. Each service listed in the diagram points to the part of the vehicle that it refers to and includes pricing information over a black burst seal shape. The title text “Services Menu” displays in a futuristic chrome font, with a strong black stroke outlining it.

The back side of the card also has a bright red background, with the addition of an embossed honeycomb pattern. I added a “cutout” honeycomb shape, which functions as white space for the staff to write messages to customers. This serves to personalize the thank you message that is already included. Finally, the signature company Scion punctuates the design, bursting forth from a black seal, carried over from the front side design. A big, bold “thank you!” then accompanies it in chrome to drive the message home, so to speak.

Chip Magician Printed Rack Card (back)

Need rack card graphic design for your business?

I’ve been actively working in the print design industry since 1999. There is no job too big or too small! I will make your business look its best. Contact me today!

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Fischbach USA "Test Tube" Grease Cartridge Packaging Graphic DesignFischbach USA

Elizabethtown, KY

Fischbach, with a plant right here in Kentucky, is far and away the world’s leading producer of sealant packaging. Whether for industrial use or in the home, Fischbach has the market cornered when it comes to tubes for caulk and other sealants. While I was working in house on the graphic design team, the company trusted me with creating this packaging graphic design. I conceived this screen-printed layout to promote the company’s newest Grease Cartridge product.

Packaging graphic design for caulking tube story

Whenever my employer had a special design project like this, they showed complete confidence in me. I say this because they gave me free reign to work solo over the concept with very few guidelines. We showcased the most complex art and advanced printing techniques on these caulking tubes, which were sent out as samples to prospective clients.

When I read the phrase “100% Recyclable Plastic – Injection Molded Polypropylene”, a light bulb went off in my head. It inspired me to create the chemical formula and test tube theme you see here. First, I began by laying out a silver metal flake base. All of the blue, black, and white inks in the design overprint it. Because of this, the entire piece has a shiny and futuristic look throughout. The bullet points emblazoned on the cartridge overprinted in white detail each of the new part’s features. Finally, the DNA strands reverse out of the design. This makes them shine through with the bare silver finish. The final result is a perfect marriage of art and science concepts my that employers and their clientele loved.

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Does your business sell food items, tools, or gadgets for the home or workplace? No matter what industry you are in, I have the skills to make your packaging stand out. Contact me today to make your vision into a reality.

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Dogwood Lakes "Haunted Hills" Halloween poster design

Dogwood Lakes Camping Resort

Dunmor, KY

I thoroughly enjoyed making this 11×17″ Halloween poster design. Dogwood Lakes Camping Resort was a popular campground and fun park located near my hometown of Greenville, KY. Way back in the early 2000s, I worked on site at the resort as their in-house graphic designer. One of my primary duties was designing posters, brochures, and web graphics for their company gatherings. Dogwood Lakes’ business was growing rapidly during this time. Because of this, the calendar of events also expanded accordingly. We added traditional American holiday celebrations like cookouts and fireworks displays. Community events like yard sales and go cart races also were big hits. For this Fall festivity, the Kentucky campground was decorated with a variety of spooky items. Dozens of ghouls and goblins awaited their visitors at every turn! As such, Dogwood Lakes needed an equally spooky poster design to promote the series of events.

Halloween Poster Design for Kentucky Campground

I always took pride in reimagining the company mascot, Top Dog. I dressed him in a variety of costumes for other Dogwood Lakes events and promotions in years prior. This time around, I transformed the friendly pooch into a friendly vampire. Top Dog invited any guest who was brave enough to enter the “haunted” mansion. However, they’ll need to make it through the eerie graveyard first. I dressed the large format poster up in the requisite seasonal colors of purple and orange. The traditional Halloween objects such as pumpkins and bats are in place. I created the event title using the same font as the classic Halloween film “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. The campground staff got ready to scare up a good time while I did my part to attract visitors. The event scared kids and adults alike silly, and was a great success.

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