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There’s nothing better than functional art. I love seeing others wearing T-shirts that I have designed. Whether you’re a band that needs affordable shirt and button designs for your fans, a company promoting an event, or a business needing uniforms for your employees, I am ready to get to work for you.

See samples of my shirt, hoodie, button and apparel design work below. contact me to get started today!

Main Street Costumes

Main Street Costumes Christmas Shirt

Main Street Costumes

Greenville, KY

The Giant Skull returns!  This time the shop’s grotesque, yet lovable mascot is spreading holiday cheer, as Santa Claus and his reindeer fly off into the moonlight.  I enjoyed blending the shop’s “street sign” element with the “North Pole” marker to make this shirt extra-Christmas-y.  Also check out the 2009 “Mascots” design I created for Main Street Costumes.

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Shirt Design for WWE’s Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan “Angry Teddy Bear” shirt

WWE Wrestling Superstar Daniel Bryan (aka “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson) has been a favorite of mine from watching him over the years in promotions like Ring of Honor (ROH) and Dragon Gate USA.

He was briefly let go from WWE in 2010 after a controversial (i.e. sponsors didn’t like it) incident where he was scripted to choke out an announcer with a tie. While he was back out on the independent wrestling scene, Bryan decided to capitalize on the publicity the angle earned him and had a contest for his fans. The premise was to design a shirt, four colors or less, depicting him as an angry teddy bear, preferably brandishing the infamous pink tie. I sprung to action, drawing the anthropomorphic, scowling fur ball, posing in Danielson’s signature robe.

I’d like to think I captured his spirit – see the resemblance?
"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, AKA Daniel Bryan

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Clash City Rockers Shirt

“Clash City Rockers” Shirt

Clash City Rockers


This was a shirt design comp created to demonstrate my skills to a custom sports apparel company.  The team name is an homage to punk rock legends The Clash.

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Secret Society Clothing

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Secret Society Clothing Company

Baltimore, MD

Antonio “Toan” Jones, Baltimore hip hop mogul, has commissioned me to work on several of his projects over the years.

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