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Some of my favorite projects fall in the Apparel Design category. Nothing beats art that is both fashionable and functional. I love going out and seeing others wear my T-shirt designs. Are you in a band? You need affordable merch designs. Your company promotes events, so you’re going to need shirts or buttons. Perhaps your business needs uniforms and hats for your employees. Want something more stylish? Why not a scarf or bandana then? Put my creativity and skill to work for you.

See samples of my apparel design work below, then contact me. Let’s get started today!

Murray State University "Women in Computing" kitsch shirt designMurray State University

Murray, KY

The head of the Women in Computing club at my college alma mater MSU contactacted me for a kitsch shirt design. Women in Computing is a club that encourages female students to pursue programming and other technology fields of study and work. The client encouraged me to turn up the kitsch factor and use a vintage style illustration. She wanted me to mix all of the elements in a feminine color combination.

Kitsch shirt design story – retro apparel graphic

First, I chose to use a royalty free stock image to base the whole composition around. It was a retro black and white image of a 1950s style housewife. Originally, the stock art showed her smiling and holding up a sign which advertised a cleaning product. I started by removing much of the lady herself, so as to simplify her down to just her hands and face. I also removed the sign by using the Adobe Illustrator program. Then, I replaced it with a tablet device which displays the requisite 0nes and zeros to signal a technology based club.

I mixed the two fabulous retro fonts together on the pink shirt in order to help convey the “wink and nudge” feel. The focal point large paintbrush font appears, roaring “WOMEN” in dull red! I chose a cute, fine script to set both of the phrases “murray state university” and “in computing”. I reversed that text out of two dull red swaths at both the top and bottom. Finally, the kitschy housewife pops up at the bottom flashing her smile to complete the piece.

Contact me for your kitsch shirt design

Do you have a great idea for a retro shirt to promote your school club or maybe your local business? Then Contact me today and let’s get it ready to print!

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Ronald Jenkees shirt design

Ronald Jenkees

Louisville, KY

This Ronald Jenkees shirt design is one of my best sellers! RJ is a friend of my old band from Kentucky. If you’ve never heard of him, he is an electronic music prodigy, as well as a YouTube phenom. RJ is instantly recognizable, squinting in his Coke bottle glasses while wearing an assortment of fedoras and other hats. In his live performance videos, he always encourages viewers to have fun with their music, no matter what their skill level may be.

He commissioned a simple shirt design in 2013, which he would release along with a new album. His only request was that I keep the shirt to a simple two to three colors. Since I have a background in screen printing, simple designs are a specialty of mine. He encouraged me to get creative with shirt colors and depictions of him.

Ronald Jenkees shirt design story

First, I used Boris Black Bloxx for the text, which a thick, wacky font. I decreased the spacing of it in order to add to the fun. Then, I simplified a screen capture from one of Ronald’s Youtube jam videos to create a one color image. Finally, the product displays his vibrant personality while promoting his jaw dropping musical prowess.

This version is the men’s style, which is displayed on an Ice Grey T-shirt with orange and dark grey inks. The design is also available in a grey ladies cut with pink and dark grey ink colors. Order one for yourself here! Then go see him in action on “the YouTubes” here!

Shirt design for musicians and Youtube stars alike

Are you crowdfunding your next album and in need of a shirt design for one of the perks? Do you need merchandise to capitalize on your viral videos that are blowing up on Youtube? Contact me today for the perfect shirt design!

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Daniel Bryan shirt design commissioned for apparel art contestThis Daniel Bryan shirt design was one of my favorite projects to work on. I rooted on the legendary now retired WWE Superstar since his days wrestling for independent promotions like Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA. He was briefly let go from the WWE in 2010 after a controversial incident on television. As part of an on screen attack, he was scripted to choke out an announcer with a tie. Sponsors objected to the violent image, and WWE officials decided he had gone too far. While he was back out on the independent wrestling scene, Bryan decided to capitalize on the publicity the angle earned him and had a contest for his fans. Thus, my near brush with sports entertainment legend began.

Daniel Bryan shirt design story

The premise was to design a shirt, four colors or less, depicting Bryan as an angry teddy bear. Preferably, he would be brandishing the infamous pink tie from the firing incident.

WWE's Daniel Bryan in 2010.

WWE’s Daniel Bryan as he appeared in 2010.

First, I sprung to action, hand drawing the anthropomorphic, scowling fur ball, posing in Bryan’s signature robe. I then scanned in the sketch and cleaned it up using Adobe Photoshop. Then, I transitioned the art to Illustrator, where I redrew it to create a vector file. I colored in the bear’s ring gear with his signature deep red hues. He is holding up a finger signaling “#1”, a signature taunt that eventually evolved into his double fingers up “YES!” gesture.

Before he could declare a winner of the contest, WWE hired Bryan back. He returned as a surprise partner at that year’s SummerSlam facing his former partners in the Nexus. I’d like to think I would have won, since I received several emails from fans wanting to know if they could buy the shirt.

Shirt design for wrestlers, athletes, and other sports brands

Are you an independent pro wrestler looking for new merch designs? Do you manage a sports team, or perhaps another entertainment brand? Contact me today for a shirt design that will have your fans shouting “YES! YES! YES!”

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Basketball shirt design - team apparel graphic designClash City Rockers


I made this basketball shirt design comp in order to demonstrate my skills to a custom sports apparel company.  The team name is an homage to punk rock legends The Clash. It also commemorates a district tournament win for the fictional high school sports team.

Basketball shirt design story

First, I chose a red and yellow color scheme reminiscent of my high school alma mater, the Muhlenberg South Suns. Also, the main titles are set in black, which contrasts the white shirt. I made the most of a four color screen print to demonstrate my versatility. I blended many of the colors together in percentages, thus creating gradient effects. My suggested shirt design lays out on a white shirt along with bold red ringers for a vintage sports feel.

I framed the requisite basketball shape with a bold red circle filled with bright yellow stars. Additional black and white strokes give weight to the frame. A burst of sun rays in the background completes the shape.

The word “CHAMPIONS” shines in a yellow to orange gradient, which pops off the shirt with a black shadow. It then adorns a stitched red ribbon in the foreground. I chose to set it in the bold serif Memphis font to give it a traditional athletic feel. “10TH DISTRICT BASKETBALL” at the top features a white to black gradient with a heavy black shadow. “2009” and “CLASH CITY” display in a heavyweight sans serif font, which is similar to Britannic Bold.  Finally, the word “Rockers” splashes across the front of the design in a thick, painterly script, giving the apparel design an edge.

Do you need a basketball shirt design?

If your school needs a slam dunk basketball shirt design, I am your man. Contact me today to get started. We would make a great team!


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