Misty Mountain String Band “Brownsboro” CD Layout

Misty Mountain String Band "Brownsboro" Bluegrass CD LayoutMisty Mountain String Band

Louisville, KY

The Misty Mountain String Band are a hugely popular bluegrass quartet based in Louisville, KY. I worked with my friends in MMSB to create their 2013 debut EP CD “Went to the Well”. They then asked me to design their first full length bluegrass CD layout. “Brownsboro” is a deluxe audio package, since it includes an extra six panel insert which slides into the album’s digipack. The band’s debut long player once again featured illustrations by the amazing and talented Pittsburgh artist Abby Diamond. Louisville’s own Cherise Mingus also capably handled the band’s posed photography shoot for a second time. Getting the band back together for another collaboration? Yes, please!

It was an absolute treat for me for me to lay out all of Abby’s gorgeous illustrations for the second time. The song’s lyrics are listed on one side of the CD insert and they come alive in the night sky on the other side. The rest of the layout’s color scheme compliments Abby’s art in the insert. I also copied and recolored many of the “constellation” images using Adobe Photoshop. Then, I reused them for the additional content. I crushed MMSB’s deadline to get the art to press, since their timeline was tight. Their sophomore album was ready for their summer tour of bluegrass festivals, as well as college radio stations and album review blogs. After all, quick turnaround graphic design is one of my my specialties.

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