“Lessons on Gifts and Giving” Book Cover Design and Layout

"Lessons on Gifts and Giving" Book Cover ArtGeorge Thompson

Greenville, KY

Here is another book cover art I designed for Western Kentucky pastor and author George E. Thompson. Lessons on Gifts and Giving is a series of thoughts about the gifts of the Spirit detailed in the New Testament books of the Holy Bible. I have not gotten to do as much print work lately as I would like to. Thus, I had a lot of fun creating this design.

Book cover art design story

I do not typically use very many Photoshop filters, but the halftone and glow effects enhanced the spiritual theme of the book. Also, I jumped at the chance to use one of the ribbon style fonts that are popular lately in an appropriate setting. I also made use of the equally trendy Museo Slab font for text content in the layout. I set the main titles on the cover over orange ribbon shapes at an angle rising upward.

Wrapping up this tome’s design, I used one of my favorite color combinations in blue, orange, and yellow. The stark contrast of the colors brings the weight and power to the design that the book’s theme calls for. Finally, the dark, mysterious figure in the cover’s background represents the Holy Spirit. The image of Him holding the glowing golden gift package really sums up the “spirit” of this book’s topic. The quaint wrapped gift boxes on the back cover also convey the book’s inviting feel, inviting believers to learn about God’s gifts.

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