Sempervivi “Always Alive” CD Artwork

CD Artwork for Sempervivi "Always Alive"Sempervivi

Lexington, KY

CD artwork for my musical project Sempervivi is proof that I am very hands on. This layout is for the 2017 EP “Always Alive”. This album was, in every sense of the words, both a labor of love and a family affair.

CD artwork process for Kentucky rock music

Initially, I only knew that I wanted a bright green cover, representing life. I took my time on this project in between other work and music related tasks, since my goal was to hand draw as much of it as possible. At first, I even hand wrote the credits, but was not happy with the end results. However, I drew or traced every other piece in the composition.

Many of these songs are about family, growing up, and continuing one’s lineage. I wanted to incorporate elements found in nature, so I researched animals symbolizing immortality in different cultures. In the end, I settled on the cicada, which is common here in Kentucky. I incorporated two in the front cover heraldry. The red sempervivum, or succulent, plant is front and center, referencing the band name. I did not draw the word “SEMPERVIVI” with a particular font in mind. Instead, I emulated something I would’ve doodled on one of my high school notebooks. The arched “ALWAYS ALIVE”, track listing, and CD face title are set in the “Triforce” font, but I filled signature openings in the letters filled in when I traced it. I completed the front cover by doodling light beams and bubbles.

On the back cover, I sketched a drawing of my son’s face as the focal point, offsetting the track listing. I used the paint tool to highlight his face and make it pop on the cool blue background. I also redrew the Bad Apple Records logo, which I designed years ago.

Finally, you may notice many paint splatters in the background. My son actually painted them when he was around one and a half years old. I made sure he was included in the credits!

CD artwork that screams “YOU!”

All of the elements of this record, from the songs themselves to the art detailed above, encapsulate who I am. Do you have a vision of the CD packaging to accompany your next record? I have experience designing for musicians in many genres, from country to bluegrass to alternative rock. Contact me today to get the ball rolling on your CD artwork!