Analog Apostles “Diver” T-Shirt Design

Analog Apostles "Diver" Band Shirt DesignAnalog Apostles

Lexington, KY

This band shirt design for my former band Analog Apostles is one of my favorites. I created this two color screen printed art before we left for our Summer 2014 tour of the USA. The shirts were hot sellers, and I still see them around Lexington on occasion.

Analog Apostle Band Shirt modeled by a cool guy in Kentucky.

I’m not sure what the world’s coolest guy Fred Birch is doing here, but the shirt looks good on him.

Band Shirt Design with a Deep Sea Theme

Everybody loves a good black band shirt. I know I do at least. Seriously, I have filled half of my t-shirt drawer with black apparel. Mostly for clients’ budgetary reasons, most of my shirt designs feature only one or two ink colors. You can make a lot of impact without a lot of colors. This design definitely got a lot of bang for our limited bucks! I chose a cool turquoise blue and light green color combination. It adds a mysterious, yet soothing, aura, which stands out against the stark black background.

The deep sea diver character wears a vintage diving helmet, which I feel adds to the mystery. The unknown figure in the foreground makes for a dangerous and unsettling focal point. I added a pattern of waves to make the background behind the diver. The cool water shapes are actually taken from a photograph of the ocean. I simplified the aquatic image down to just two colors for the screen printed art. I accomplished this task using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Finally, I added the band’s name at the top of the design. Since there was a deep sea theme, I used a vintage font that I felt could easily be found on a pirate ship flag. Then I reversed the word “APOSTLES” to read in black over the green water background. I did this to make use of the negative space. This adds some depth to the design, while still being legible as part of the band name. Do you get it? Water? Depth? I’m a dad, so silly puns are my forte’.

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